An Update on Supporting our Clients' Business Continuity

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The value of cloud computing and open technologies is greater than ever.

As our teams continue to work with clients around the globe through this difficult time, we’ve witnessed how resilient these businesses are and how many of them have made the transition to remote work smoothly—from startups to Fortune 50 companies, and across industries like banking, telco, retail, healthcare, government and more. And what we’ve learned is the value of cloud computing has never been greater.

These are the businesses enabling us to manage our banking digitally and place orders online; they're providing the network capacity to support our grocery delivery apps; and they're powering the services our first-responders require to help address the needs of patients around the globe.

We have come together quickly in the past few weeks to help these businesses transition to primarily digital forms of engagement without missing a beat. Just last week, for example, organizations like the City of Austin, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences and more embraced Watson Assistant for Citizens on the IBM public cloud to put critical data and information into the hands of citizens by understanding and responding to common questions about COVID-19.

We continue to look for ways to put our technologies to use during this time, with efforts such as free tools to track reported COVID-19 cases near you through The Weather Channel App and, The COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, and many others.

Ensuring the business continuity of our clients is incredibly vital to keeping our lives up and running. Our public cloud is built on the foundation of open technologies, so we can move workloads around more easily to where capacity exists and is needed and enable businesses to adapt quickly when change becomes a necessity.

New offers from IBM

As we move ahead, I wanted to summarize some new offers we have added to the list we posted last week to help organizations tap into the power of our many cloud-enabled services. While each of these have different terms and conditions, we are continuing to evaluate how we can further help ease the burdens on our clients and help them evolve their operations:

  • IBM Cloud Object Storage is offering new and existing clients a $1,500 USD credit to be applied over a 90-day period to store new workloads in IBM Cloud Object Storage. This is a monthly equivalent of 10TBs of storage, 2TBs of public egress (if downloading data is needed), 1 million write requests, and 10 million read requests.
  • IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions Shared is providing a no-cost way to start running your VMware workloads in the cloud. We are offering a 90-day, $500 USD credit for getting started.

This builds on the twelve offers we rolled out last week, which I outlined in my first blog post, “How IBM is Helping Clients Worldwide Adjust to a New Way of Work.”

As always, we're here to talk through your specific needs, so please reach out through the “Let’s Talk” option on this page for assistance.

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