Tutorial: Team-Based Privacy Using IAM, VPC, Transit Gateway, and DNS

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We recently published a new tutorial walking you through creating infrastructure for a IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)-based microservice architecture.

Each IBM Cloud VPC is managed by a separate team isolated by Identity and Access Management (IAM). VPCs are connected to each other using the IBM Cloud Transit Gateway, and shared microservices are accessed through host names registered in the IBM Cloud DNS Services. A Load Balancer is used to scale out one of the shared microservices.

Check out the new tutorial.

Microservices architecture

The tutorial guides you through the following steps:

  • Create the IAM resource required to isolate the DevOps teams 
  • Create the VPC and DNS resources (network team)
  • Create the shared microservice (shared team)
  • Create the public-facing application microservice (application1 team)
  • Create the Transit Gateway connecting the VPCs (network team)
  • Insert a Load Balancer and replace the DNS record (shared team)

The details are captured in Terraform configurations for each team found in this GitHub repository.

Questions and feedback

If you have feedback, suggestions, or questions about this post, please reach out to me on LinkedIn (Powell Quiring) or use the feedback button on the tutorial to report a problem on its content. You can also open issues

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