Tutorial: Make the Most of IBM Cloud Container Registry and Vulnerability Advisor

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Introducing a new tutorial to discover a simple but robust workflow for IBM Cloud Container Registry and Vulnerability Advisor.

For several years, IBM Cloud Container Registry and Vulnerability Advisor have been tightly coupled to provide a hosted private registry for your container images, complete with security measures to protect you against common vulnerabilities. The capabilities built into and around IBM Cloud Container Registry are powerful, but they are simple to use and provide a robust workflow for any user of containers.

That's why we created a new tutorial to lay out this simple workflow that takes full advantage of the many features IBM Cloud Container Registry offers

What you'll learn

More than a getting-started guide, this tutorial combines information from throughout our documentation to take you from the basics of container images and registries to advanced security and deployment features. Whether you are new to containers, have years of experience, or are an existing IBM Cloud Container Registry customer, this tutorial helps you learn foundational concepts and ensures that you take full advantage of IBM Cloud Container Registry's capabilities.

You'll learn how to build an image from a Dockerfile and push it to a namespace in IBM Cloud Container Registry, deploy that image as a container on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, find and remediate vulnerabilities in your image using Vulnerability Advisor, prevent vulnerable images from being deployed to your cluster, and more. Links are provided throughout the tutorial so that you can dig deeper into any topics that interest you.

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