Translate Watson Conversation Chatbots

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Translate Watson Conversation Chatbots

Creating and maintaining chatbots in multiple languages can be costly, error-prone, and not easily scalable. Each change in a bot needs to be manually replicated across each language the bot supports. The manual nature of maintaining multilingual chatbots can have a real impact on continuous delivery as the language-specific changes must be performed by language experts and this takes time. Moreover, we need to pay for every single change – intents, entities, and bot output. This can get expensive very quickly — so, what’s the best way to translate chatbots into different languages without impeding continuous delivery and disrupting DevOps?

The answer, Watson Conversation Globalization – a solution that seamlessly integrates the IBM Globalization Pipeline cloud service with Watson Conversation cloud service to support Multi Lingual Chatbots. This solution decreases the turnaround time and lowers the cost of supporting multiple languages. The solution provides a capability to convert translate Watson Conversation English chatbots into other languages using Globalization Pipeline to support global customers. The Globalization Pipeline service makes it easy for you to provide your global customers with applications translated into the languages in which they work and communicate.

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