Get enterprise-level cloud for less with IBM Transient Virtual Servers

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Get enterprise-level cloud for less with IBM Transient Virtual Servers

Cost is always a concern for today’s enterprise cloud consumer. Do a simple web search and you’ll find countless cloud articles and surveys with a common theme: cost.

We strive to offer the latest in technology for our virtual servers—as well as great pricing. That’s why we’re excited to announce IBM Transient Virtual Servers. Now both new and current customers can enjoy an enterprise-level cloud experience at a fraction of the cost.

With IBM Transient Virtual Servers, customers get a cost savings of 75 percent over standard hourly instances. We’re offering this new pricing on our balanced, memory, and compute family of public virtual servers. Our balanced local storage virtual servers, dedicated instances, and dedicated hosts offerings will not be offered on release.

By deploying transient virtual servers on our un-utilized capacity, we’re able to offer savings to our customers. When those resources are needed, transient virtual servers are reclaimed on a first-on, first-off basis. With this in mind, we recommend that non-mission critical workloads such as dev/test and batch are used when deploying transient virtual servers.

We’ll release IBM Transient Virtual Servers in our Mexico data center (MEX01). We’ll expand the offering to our other global data centers in the near future.

To learn more, read through our documentation. If you’re ready to get started with our transient virtual servers, start here.

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