Transforming Telco Operations with AIOps

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CTOs in the telco industry should embrace AIOps to reduce operational costs, drive exceptional customer experiences and automate end-to-end network lifecycle management.

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are under immense pressure to grow revenue and reduce costs. There’s also the need to counter the growing competition from other digital service providers.

Addressing these challenges means delivering new services via technologies like 5G and edge computing and improving customer experience and operational efficiency.

However, the ability to tackle these challenges means dealing with complex IT landscapes.  Networks are changing from pure physical network infrastructures to a mix of physical, virtualized and containerized network functions. Technology environments are being re-architected as cloud-native and deployed to all cloud types.

While CTOs know that cloud-native environments can drive more innovation and agility, they realize that their current operational practices must transform from being reactive to proactive.

Read this whitepaper and learn how AIOps can help you transition from reactive to proactive ways of operating and managing network and IT.

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CSPs can use AIOps to spot issues before they begin to affect operations or customer experience and take preventive steps to correct or avert the failure. Explore the critical AIOps use cases that improve network and IT operations.

  • Proactive customer support
  • Network fault prediction and prevention
  • Anomaly detection of BSS performance
  • Network and IT security

Finally, changing the organizational culture and structure is the most crucial but the most challenging. Current DevOps processes, tools and operational practices are siloed and focused on human effort to execute most functions. This needs to change to release the full potential of AIOps.

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