Your top 2017 IBM Cloud picks

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Your top 2017 IBM Cloud picks

2017 has been a year of transition, especially in the realm of exciting new technologies. From the addition of AI object-recognition into smartphones, to the launch of solar battery packs, to headphones doubling as personal translators, disruptive technologies are providing a new way of using data and the cloud within companies and even in everyday, personal lives. In parallel, we at IBM have had a transformational year of unifying our IBM Cloud solutions and continue our mission to enable your enterprises to be AI-ready and secure to the core.

We’re wrapping up 2017 with your top picks from the year, including announcements, how-to’s and innovative use cases, to help you prepare for what’s to come in IBM Cloud next year. Check out the features below, and remember, you can always get started with IBM Cloud by starting here.

Top 2017 IBM Cloud picks

Create your own fitness app

The dark side of desk jobs is upon us. With more than 80% of American workers sitting all day, it is almost impossible to get the desired or need amount of physical activity, which negatively affects job satisfaction. The nature of our professional world goes against our nature as human beings; we are meant to move. The results of the common sedentary lifestyle is a higher risk of musculoskeletal skeletal disorders, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and heart disease. Interested? See what has inspired 15 million tracked steps in 3 months.

How to build an investment management chatbot

Time is the modern day enemy, making it difficult to put enough attention and energy towards finances and investments. This has led to a massive adoption of chatbots by financial institutions around the world, and experts predicting a full replacement of conventional online interfaces such as websites or mobile apps in just 5 years. Interested? See how you build one yourself.

Everything you need to start securely with Kubernetes

Kubernetes: deploy applications quickly and scale resources on demand. These are two of the many reasons Kubernetes usage has seen a massive growth in recent years. Get started with a Kubernetes-based container service that simplifies cluster management and extends the power of your apps.

Live long and prosper: Virtual reality powered by IBM Watson

2017 marked the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek, and the launch of Ubisoft’s virtual reality game Star Trek Bridge Crew. Gamers interact with virtual shipmates in natural language speech, just like their human player counterparts. Interested? Get started creating your own VR adventure.

How to talk to your home through virtual automation

Home automation is the latest trend in modernizing homes, but how can you take home automation a step further with IBM Cloud and Watson? View the step-by-step ‘how-to’ instructions on how to build a home automation app that is seamless and allows you to talk to your home through natural conversation with the Watson Conversation service. Get ready to build a virtual assistant for your home today.

Improving diabetes management

Diabetes is one of the greatest global health threats, but what if you could manage it more with new technologies? Medtronic recognized the need to create a new generation of glucose monitoring solutions that provides people with the tools to manage their diabetes more easily, in combination with routine support with healthcare professionals. Learn how IBM Watson Health, IBM Streams, Medtronic and IBM Cloud works together to improve diabetes management.

The virtual route to customer emotions

Let’s face it, understanding your customer’s frustrations and overall emotions when interacting with your call center reps is imperative to improve customer engagement. But are you optimizing how you assess your customers’ satisfaction? Check out how Watson Tone Analyzer helps you better understand how your customers are feeling, and how we’re steering the revolution of call center operations as we know it today.

Four things to know about serverless

We’re always working hard to improve our popular severless offering, IBM Cloud OpenWhisk, to help you build apps more quickly by working on different pieces of code simultaneously, freed from the concerns around scale and infrastructure. Getting started is easy, and we have the support you need. Check out the latest updates to help build and deploy Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS) applications, including expanded runtime support, availability in London and more.

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