Learning About the Value of Dynamic Service Assurance from a Pandemic

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Network traffic patterns have been transformed by the huge shift in users’ behavior.

For the last several years, IBM has been evolving operational systems support (OSS) solutions to operate in near real-time and reflecting on the state of the Communications Service Provider (CSP) network. We’re making it possible for network operations teams to trust their tools in the emerging world of highly dynamic virtual networks so they can better accommodate changes in load and traffic patterns.

Recent events have shown us that as network professionals, we aren’t the only ones that can upend the network literally overnight. 

I spend a lot of time with telecommunications companies all over the world, and during March and April of this year, every one of them watched as network traffic patterns were transformed by the huge shift in their users’ behavior in response to the COVID-19 social distancing activities.

IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager addresses the increase in voice network traffic

Suddenly, everything is different. Almost all business network traffic is now residential traffic, and most of the providers I have spoken to see a big increase in voice as a fraction of their network load. Being able to monitor these changes in near real-time and share those insights with relevant engineers and decision-makers (so that quick action can be taken) has been critical.

As we developed IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager, we strived to build a balanced solution where automated, scalable orchestration of network services was matched with dynamic real-time Service Assurance. We knew that service orchestration and automated network flexibility would challenge network operations. 

What does Dynamic Service Assurance mean?

  • Changing network relationships are instantly reflected in management views. 

  • Changing patterns are recognized and escalated for intelligent analysis (by either AI or Operations) so that more customers can be accommodated in a shorter amount of time. 

  • Current information can be shared quickly across multiple roles, enabling team-based decisions to happen as fast as the environment changes.

There is no going back.  We are living through a time that has shown us that internal and external events can change almost everything, almost overnight. It’s time to look to management and support systems that are flexible and effective enough to keep up with a world that can change in an instant.

Transform your network with IBM

IBM Telco Network Cloud solutions—based on IBM’s hybrid cloud capabilities, including integration with Red Hat OpenShift—help CSPs transform their networks into a cloud platform that will deliver these new edge-enabled services to customers faster.

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