The Race to Modernize Your Apps for the Cloud

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IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor is the road to cloud-based apps

Like a rush of adrenaline, the race to the Cloud has developers, architects, and the tech community excited about how to plan for more resilient apps that you can deploy efficiently. This is one of those races where starting from scratch seems to be the path of least resistance. But what if your entire infrastructure is built on-premise, and although the idea of modernizing sounds good, you don’t want to take days to migrate your traditional infrastructure to the cloud? IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor does the heavy lifting to securely transform your applications to cloud-based apps that can be configured and deployed in the cloud.

All modernization roads lead to strategy

Modernization begins with a good strategy that includes application transformation and prioritizes DevOps, management, and infrastructure. Transformation Advisor supports an all-inclusive modernization strategy by identifying whether development or infrastructure efforts are needed to successfully deploy an application in the desired cloud.

That’s right, you can use Transformation Advisor to modernize and deploy your WebSphere apps to IBM Cloud or to any cloud that you choose. Install IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor to get a jump-start on modernizing your enterprise, and start benefiting from its insights and navigational guidance on your journey to the cloud!

Even within WebSphere Application Server traditional, you can get advice about how to migrate to Liberty within the administrative console. Liberty is a lightweight application server that is available on IBM Cloud and on IBM Cloud Private. Liberty has a set of pluggable features that provide an exact fit for each application, making it an ideal runtime environment for shared environments like containers and cloud systems. For users of WebSphere V8.5.5 and V9.0, the administrative console now has a Liberty advisor built in, which makes it easier for you to identify running applications and develop a strategy around those specific applications that you want to prioritize for migration.

Transformation Advisor helps you migrate work from different app server runtimes

Transformation Advisor surveys the existing on-premise landscape and provides navigational advice for Java EE application workloads in WebSphere Application Server, Red Hat JBoss Application Server, and Oracle WebLogic Server runtimes. Transformation Advisor V1.9 introduced functionality that also surveys IBM MQ Queue Managers in the landscape. Plus, you can get advice on how to move your apps to IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. With this service, you can automate the deployment, operation, scaling, and monitoring of containerized apps in a cluster of compute hosts. Transformation Advisor can also use Microclimate APIs to containerize and deploy your application to IBM Cloud Private.

Transformation Advisor analyzes the modernization needs of Java EE applications without developer involvement or access to any application source code. It assesses the applications where they are currently deployed in the existing application server environment. Each application’s specific Java EE technology requirements, the related runtime configuration, and external dependencies are considered.

Transformation Advisor produces real artifacts to help you migrate

Not your typical advisor, Transformation Advisor helps you start making the move to the cloud by automatically generating many of the artifacts you need to containerize and deploy your application to the cloud. Here’s a summary of just some of the benefits you get with IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor:

  • A server.xml file that configures the cloud-optimized Liberty server to support the application

  • A Dockerfile that installs the features required by the application into the Liberty Docker image, installs the application, and creates a custom Docker image of the application in its Liberty runtime

  • Kubernetes deployment files and Helm charts

  • Jenkins and POM files that can be used with an optional Microclimate deployment pipeline

  • Step-by-step instructions for the Docker containerization and Helm deployments of applications to be deployed into IBM Cloud Private or IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service

Transformation Advisor in action

The included detailed reports include advice, suggestions, and best practices to ensure that the application runs correctly in the recommended cloud environment, enabling administrators to evaluate applications in minutes without accessing source code.


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