Telefónica Tech Offers a Cloud Garden for Enterprises with IBM Cloud Pak and OpenShift Solutions

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More than just computing capacity in the sky, the cloud is a place where new ideas, like seeds, can take root and grow into something that bears fruit — in the form of real business value.

Case study: “Fertile ground for innovation

With these ideas in mind, Telefónica Tech, a division of the Telefónica Group, built an offering called Cloud Garden, a managed platform that brings the cloud down to earth, providing enterprises across industries with faster, easier access to resources that accelerate innovation.

The challenge was how to bring all of the leading public clouds, including advanced services for AI and blockchain, into a single, seamless space where the underlying IT would be transparent to customers.

For that, Telefónica Tech uses IBM Cloud Pak® solutions and their Red Hat® OpenShift® container platform.

“We saw an opportunity to let customers focus on developing value for their business more than operating IT. In Cloud Garden, they can go very quickly to market with new services that will differentiate them from their competitors.” — Álvaro Paniagua, Product Marketing Manager at Telefónica Tech

Read the full case study to see how Telefónica Tech uses IBM Cloud Paks to help enterprises cultivate innovation in the Cloud Garden.

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