Techwave Helps Businesses Migrate Securely and Non-Disruptively to the Cloud

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Techwave + IBM Cloud

Enterprises with ambitious digital transformation plans are often held back by legacy processes and systems.

Cloud computing offers an agile, flexible, and scalable alternative to traditional on-premises infrastructure, but choosing to migrate to a public cloud service can be risky. At Techwave, we help clients migrate to IBM Cloud bare metal servers so they can capitalize on the benefits of cloud computing while retaining complete control of their IT infrastructure.

Clearing the path to transformation

Techwave is a leading global cloud and digital transformation company. We help enterprises all over the world modernize their operations to enable new digital capabilities and support innovative business initiatives.

Many enterprises have created digital transformation plans that look good on paper, but are hard to execute in reality. As workloads and data volumes continue to grow, so does the pressure on IT systems, with the result that enterprises become trapped in constant upgrade cycles that divert strategic focus and absorb transformation funds.

Cloud computing offers an attractive alternative to the traditional hardware refresh cycle, freeing enterprises from the initial expense and recurring costs of on-premises infrastructure. But not all cloud solutions are created equal. Consumer-grade public cloud services do not deliver the levels of control or security that most enterprises require. Furthermore, many Techwave clients express concerns over the cost and complexity of migrating their on-premises systems to the public cloud.

We help clients navigate a safe, secure, and cost-effective path to the cloud so that they can succeed on their digital transformation journeys.

Choosing the right cloud

With IBM Cloud bare metal servers, we can ensure a seamless migration from on-premises to cloud infrastructure. We create a dedicated, single-tenant cloud for each client on bare metal servers, largely eliminating migration complexity by providing a cloud environment that closely resembles the original on-premises environment.

We recently migrated a client’s mission-critical SAP ERP and SAP Human Capital Management applications to IBM Cloud bare metal servers, using the client’s existing VMware perpetual licenses to simplify the move. With full control of the infrastructure stack, this client can securely separate internal and external services and can easily add capacity to meet growing workload requirements. We have also helped another client try out the latest SAP S/4HANA applications without the need to invest in new server hardware thanks to the IBM Cloud.

We pride ourselves on offering flexible, scalable cloud services that do not compromise security or control. IBM Cloud offers worldwide data center locations that are aligned with local data compliance regulations so we can ensure that each client’s data is physically stored in their preferred jurisdiction. With IBM Cloud bare metal servers, clients have full control of the underlying hardware, right down to the choice of RAM and hard drives.

Empowering enterprises in the digital age

Techwave’s cloud services offer clients an escape route from the constraints and costs of on-premises infrastructure.

On average, clients reduce their operating costs by 40 percent by moving to the cloud and redeploying employees dedicated to infrastructure management and maintenance elsewhere. Thanks to the reliability and performance of IBM Cloud bare metal servers, clients typically also experience up to a 25 percent improvement in system availability.

With IBM Cloud bare metal servers, clients benefit from unparalleled flexibility and almost limitless scalability, without the security risks associated with consumer-grade public clouds and without relinquishing control over their IT infrastructure.

Migrating to the cloud is often only the first step on our clients’ digital transformation journeys, which is why we also offer a range of additional services from the IBM Cloud portfolio. These include the IBM Blockchain Platform built on Hyperledger Fabric technology, IBM Watson, and IBM Internet of Things (IoT) services. Backed by IBM technologies, we look forward to accompanying our clients on their way to becoming truly data-driven enterprises.

Read the case study for more details.

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