SQL Server 2017 now available on IBM Cloud

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SQL Server 2017 now available on IBM Cloud

Today we are announcing the release of Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on IBM Cloud. With performance improvements and new features like SQL Graph and automatic database tuning, it’s a compelling update.

But there is also a major change: for the first time ever, Microsoft SQL Server will be available on Linux operating systems.

Introducing SQL Server… without Windows

In the past, businesses who had their IT and expertise in Linux were left with fewer options for database solutions. One approach was to use open-source software like MySQL. This can be a solid choice for many smaller businesses, but it lacks the scalability, support, and robust feature set of a truly enterprise grade database. And with the enterprise options available on Linux that could be prohibitively expensive and complex, many business were left in a difficult spot.

Microsoft SQL Server 2017 on Linux changes this dynamic. It’s rated as the leader in Database Management Systems (DBMS) in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for 2017. It’s also around 1/12 the total cost of ownershipcompared to Oracle. For businesses running Linux, the leader in DBMS solutions is now available andaffordable on IBM Cloud. Plus, with database migration tools from Microsoft, you don’t need to be locked in to your (expensive) status quo.

If your Linux business has been considering making the change from open-source to an enterprise DBMS for the first time, that jump is now easier than ever.

Finally, even for businesses already using MSSQL, this flexibility presents an interesting option. Companies that are flexible in which operating system they use can save big on licensing costs. By switching from running MSSQL on Windows to running it on Linux, you’ll no longer need to buy Windows licenses just to use SQL Server. Sweet!

More options than ever at IBM Cloud

We’re proud to partner with Microsoft in this new release. At IBM Cloud we work to provide the most options so that you can configure your infrastructure the way that’s right for your business.

MSSQL 2017 is offered on monthly bare metal with either Windows, Ubuntu OS, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It’s also available on virtual servers with Windows or Ubuntu (support for RHEL on VSIs will be coming soon). Read here for more details on the features.

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