Social Distancing Scoring at the Edge

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Just about everywhere you go—from grocery and retail stores to your own workplace—social distancing is required.

The “stand-six-feet-apart” practice is something we’re all getting used to, and it’s just one way to help prevent the spread of airborne viruses and keep us safe.

So, as many businesses return to work (or essential businesses continue the work they’ve been doing), creating and maintaining safe workspaces is critical to the health of employees and customers alike.

Implementing strategically defined spacing helps reduce the risk of transmitting airborne viruses, and edge-enabled technology can help keep those spaces safe as more people occupy them.

See how edge computing is used to monitor the distance between individuals based on relative Bluetooth signal and strength:

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Here’s how it works

Cameras with real-time, AI-based video analytics—potentially combined with wearables and beacons—can measure proximity and send alerts when people are too close for too long.

IBM Edge Application Manager helps companies send analytical workloads to edge-enabled cameras, and the system sends the results to the IBM Maximo Worker Insights platform. Based on these insights, you can take action to prevent overcrowding.

Non-invasive, edge-enabled innovations like these can help protect your spaces and people, ensuring business continuity.

Ready to learn more? Find out how IBM help you act on insights closer to the source of data, and accelerate your safe return to work.

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