IBM Think 2019: Fueling Customer Success with VMware on the IBM Cloud

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VMware on IBM Cloud at Think 2019

This week at Think 2019, VMware and IBM Cloud have several mutual enterprise clients across multiple session stages telling their stories about migrating and modernizing their VMware workloads. Westpac, the oldest and second-largest bank in Australia, is one such client, sharing the incredible story of their digital transformation to shaping seamless, high-quality digital experiences. A hybrid cloud strategy enabled Westpac to adopt new cloud technologies for innovation while maintaining tight governance and control over their data. Today, Westpac continues to run mission-critical applications across private and public cloud.

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In order to aid in these types of digital transformation efforts from our enterprise clients, IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions made several industry-first announcements in November 2018 at VMworld Europe. The most notable announcement was around integrating VMs and containers, allowing enterprises to modernize their existing on-premise applications with new innovative cloud services by fully exploiting the capabilities of its hybrid cloud solution. To support clients in their hybrid cloud adoption strategies, IBM Cloud is announcing further enhancements to our VMware-based cloud solutions, automating VM and container integration.

Another huge VMworld Europe announcement was the release of highly available global architecture designed to provide 99.99% uptime for mission-critical VMware workloads on IBM Cloud. For greater protection of these mission-critical applications, IBM Cloud is announcing new security and compliance integration.

Deeper container and VM integration for application modernization using NSX-T

Modernizing existing on-premise applications is a core driver for businesses to start their digital transformation journey with cloud. To help streamline the process, we are introducing support for VMware NSX-T Data Center and VMware vSphere 6.7. NSX-T is a software-based network layer that delivers network automation and simplified management of networking and security policies between containers and VMs while providing additional connections to IBM Cloud services via a private secure network. NSX-T supports heterogeneous workloads, providing networking and security for virtual machines, containers, and bare metal servers. This is an important part of integrating VMware VMs and containers from either IBM Cloud Private Hosted or IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service, and it provides a unified networking solution, enabling clients to quickly and securely modernize their apps wherever they reside.

Cloud security enhancements for hybrid mission-critical workloads

As clients continue to migrate and modernize more of their mission-critical business applications, the security of these workloads continues to be of utmost priority in a hybrid cloud strategy. IBM Cloud is introducing additional security and protection services for VMware workloads:

  • IBM Cloud and Caveonix are partnering to provide our clients with proactive workload protection, visibility, and control to protect cloud workloads. Hybrid cloud workloads can be highly volatile, with potential configuration issues and vulnerabilities due to a mismatch in installed software versions and patches. Caveonix’s RiskForesight™ cloud workload protection platform is built to solve the challenge of managing risk and compliance in the hybrid cloud. RiskForesight implements server workload-centric security protection with agentless deep workload visibility and attack prevention capabilities, such as segmentation at various levels of the stack—IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions will now offer this cyber risk and compliance management platform for clients to protect their hybrid cloud environment. Read the press release.

  • IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is now integrated with IBM Cloud Key Protect for native vSAN and vSphere encryption, configured with regional high availability to protect against key loss. This is significant because many enterprises with data stored in cloud-based VMware environments have data-at-rest and data-in-motion encryption requirements. Clients need to have an external key management service to utilize these VMware solutions. At the same time, they require this key management service to enable them to bring their own keys (BYOK), import their own root of trust encryption key, support existing operations, and meet cloud security compliance requirements.

  • IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions will be integrated with IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services to provide a complete set of encryption and key management services backed by IBM Z technology. The same state-of-the-art cryptographic technology relied upon by banks and financial services is now offered to cloud users. This is the industry’s first and only FIPS 140-2 Level 4 certified technology in the public cloud market today offering the highest level of key protection available, and it is the same technology forming the backbone of the IBM Enterprise Blockchain solution. To learn more about the latest IBM Cloud security announcements, read the blog.

More infrastructure and storage choices

IBM Cloud’s VMware solutions have always been known for the choice and flexibility they offer to clients without forcing them down fixed T-Shirt sizes. As more clients continue their cloud journey, IBM Cloud is offering a greater spread of choices, with more infrastructure and storage options for greater flexibility and control.

  • Clients who are looking for high core count servers to take advantage of cloud economics or who have CPU-limited workloads wanting higher core count options can now obtain better VM density while optimizing the overall cost in the cloud with a new 4-CPU Server option. The introduction of a quad processor enables servers with up to 96 cores, giving clients greater flexibility to support performance-hungry workloads such as SAP.

  • For clients building out their cloud backup and disaster recovery strategy, many leverage Veeam on IBM Cloud for backup and recovery of their VMs. Back in November, we previewed the Veeam on IBM Cloud support of IBM Cloud Object Storage. Now, IBM Cloud Object Storage is automatically supported when customers order Veeam on IBM Cloud. This integration significantly reduces the complexity of storage management and provides clients simple access to a scalable and cost-effective cloud storage solution for their VMware workloads.

Two ways to get started

Interested? Here are a couple of ways to try IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions for your digital transformation:

  • VMware ReadyNode certified servers have been pre-configured and tested and provide a powerful and flexible server option to build Hyperconverged Infrastructure based on VMware vSAN. For enterprises looking for a complete, pre-defined, trusted vSAN environment to run their critical VMware workloads, IBM Cloud offers the perfect choice. You can order your VMware ReadyNode certified server as-is or customize them to meet your specific enterprise needs.

  • The trial for migration and application modernization is a quick way to test-drive IBM Cloud for VMware workloads. Lift and shift up to 20 development/test virtual machines to the IBM Cloud using VMware HCX and VMware vCenter Servers, and modernize two of those applications via containers for a complete end-to-end application modernization solution.


Need additional migration or Kubernetes help? IBM offers Cloud Expert Services to help migrate apps from on-premise to the IBM Cloud, and the IBM Cloud Garage services experts can help you containerize portions of your application in the cloud.

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