Security and Scalability Become Key Selling Points for Cloud Banking

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Read our latest cloud case study about Circeo.

Circeo was established in 2014 with the goal of helping banks use technology to resolve complex lending problems. The organization’s signature software tool, TheLoanFactory, is an innovative approach to lending that makes the management of the loan lifecycle easier for both banks and their customers.

With this lending as a service (LaaS) offering, banks are able to approve and fund loans in just a few minutes — not the days, weeks, or months required for traditional loans.


“IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers had the capacity to fulfill all of our requirements in terms of security and scalability. There were IBM data centers in Europe, which was a key element because GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation] was already being talked about.” — Matthieu M. Job, Chief Executive Officer

“We wanted to develop a cloud-native solution and deliver the software in Docker image formats. To do that, we needed a container platform. We chose Red Hat OpenShift on the IBM Cloud platform because it was much more advanced than any other platform at that time.” — Sandor Ungvari, Chief Technical Officer

“Five years ago, safety and scalability were an excuse banks used to avoid talking to companies like us. Today, they are the reason they want to work with us.” — Matthieu M. Job, Chief Executive Officer

Read the full Circeo case study: “A shift in perspective

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