Stay secure to the core with FortiGate Security Appliance 10Gbps

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Stay secure to the core with FortiGate Security Appliance 10Gbps

We’re pleased to announce that our new FortiGate Security Appliance 10Gbps (FSA 10G) firewall offering is now generally available. With this offering we bring an industry leading, next generation firewall appliance as a service into IBM Cloud. The FSA 10G firewall helps you secure your workloads with the best of breed firewall without having to compromise on performance.

At IBM, we’re focused on continuously listening to our customers, acting on feedback and innovating our solutions to help you achieve the security needed for your workloads. Keeping a close eye on our customers’ requirements, while staying true to our agile principles, we launched the Early Access Program for the FortiGate Security Appliance 10Gbps firewall offering a few months back. This early release included firewalls that support higher bandwidth and multiple VLANs, protect private networks, automate next generation add-ons and more.

We’re now excited to extend this offering to newer Data Centers and to make it generally available to all of our customers.

We’ve laid out a few key benefits you can expect with this new solution:

  • Support of high throughput (up to 10Gbps), for a secure, high-performance firewall.

  • Automation of add-ons through portal APIs (Intrusion Prevention System/Anti-Virus/Web Filtering). Now you have complete control of provisioning advance firewall features/add-ons.

  • Public and private network connectivity are supported, and customers can use FSA 10G to protect both/either of those networks at wire speed.

  • Simplify your management experience and save on costs as FSA 10G has the capability to associate multiple VLANs to a single firewall device.

  • Improved user experience with a new firewall page that lists all VLAN firewalls for ordering. More information about the ordering process can be found here.

  • Complimentary 20 Terrabyte Bandwidth usage is included in FSA 10G. After the 20TB is used, the regular bandwidth charge will apply.

  • You have the capability to upgrade from standalone FSA 10G firewall to HA (High Availability) mode, or you can select HA paired devices right at the time of provisioning to increase reliability of their security framework.

Interested in more? Take a look at how the new FortiGate Security Appliance 10Gbps compares to pre-existing firewall offerings. If you’re ready to get started, you can access our ‘Getting Started’ site or reach out to for any questions.

Get started with FSA 10G today!

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