Retirement of the @IBMBluemixHelp Twitter account

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Retirement of the @IBMBluemixHelp Twitter account

Last week, we announced the rebranding of the Bluemix platform as the IBM Cloud platform. As a result, we are consolidating our social presence under the IBM Cloud brand and are retiring the @IBMBluemixHelp Twitter account effective Friday, November 17th.


Over the last two years, the @IBMBluemixHelp Twitter account has been a resource for “how to” information, videos, and announcements. This same type of information will continue to be available to you through @IBMcloud, which is the official channel for the IBM Cloud platform on Twitter. If you do not currently follow the IBM Cloud Twitter account, we invite you to join the 133,000 current followers and follow it today! In addition, these resources will continue to be available to you:

  • Visit the IBM Cloud platform Status page, which provides a categorized list of incidents, maintenance, security notifications, and other announcements that affect the platform. Bookmark this site or follow the RSS feed that is available above the Last Update column on the page.

  • Read the IBM Cloud blog (this blog), which provides a variety of information about the IBM Cloud platform including pricing changes, plan changes, new service announcements, and service retirements.

  • Visit the developerWorks Recipes site, which is a community-based source of information to guide you and enhance your experience with the IBM Cloud platform and its services. Note: This site is not limited to the IBM Cloud platform.

If you need assistance with your IBM Cloud platform account, see the Getting customer support topic in the documentation for the options that are available to you.

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