Redefining Success with Agility

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The Globalization organization at IBM has had a long history of continuous improvement in delivering excellent services to IBM business units.

As the team continuously evolves and adapts with the rest of the Globalization industry, we realized the following:

  • Several of the services were geared more for traditional on-premise solutions than contributing to our organizational (cloud/cognitive) transformational goals.
  • Many of our individual teams’ efforts, catering to similar customer needs, were not fully utilized across other teams.
  • Our teams’ engagement models were based on traditional waterfall models (fixed annual plans) rather than dynamic cross team building models (tribes, squads) that would better address business changes using agile methodologies. 

These challenges brought an excellent opportunity to unite all teams to tackle high-level organizational goals. We needed definite ways to connect organizational business goals to individual service efforts. Introducing agile methodologies across different service groups to resolve above pain points can be challenging.

Read the white paper: "Redefining Success with Agility"

We are currently in the state of cultural transformation where we face challenges as well as cherish benefits of introducing agile methodology into AI machine learning disciplines. We have captured our experience of this cultural transformation, challenges we faced before and during this transformation, and the lessons learned from it.

Take a deep dive into our journey and download the white paper: "Redefining Success with Agility."

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