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Looking back at IBM Think Digital



Were you part of IBM’s Think Digital event last week? If so, then you were amongst several hundred clients from around the world, representing scores of industries, who joined IBM for this first-of-a-kind live digital event.

Hosted at the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions studio in Palo Alto, CA, clients and executives from IBM and VMware discussed the rationale for making the leap to cloud as well as the work that our two companies do together to make migrating to the cloud faster, easier, and more cost efficient without ever sacrificing security.

Digital event highlights

Highlights from the IBM Think Digital Event included:

  • Powerful moderation from acclaimed entrepreneur, journalist, and global communications consultant Sarah Backhouse, Managing Director, Communications 50 and Sustainability 50 at World 50.

  • Discussion of the “game-changing” partnership between VMware and IBM Cloud with Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware and David Kenny, SVP, IBM Watson & Cloud. They talked about why the partnership formed—to enable clients to “offload existing workloads onto the cloud, seamlessly.” He underscored that “what’s super powerful about the IBM partnership is the global scale,” alluding to IBM’s nearly 60 data centers located on every continent outside of Antarctica and its unparalleled network of technical support.  He reiterated that together, we are capable of supporting some of the largest enterprises on the planet wherever they do business, highlighting clients like American Airlines, Honeywell, TD Bank, and Vodaphone. David enthusiastically noted that once a client is on the IBM Cloud, “they can do amazing things,” referencing the ability to modernize apps and infuse innovative services like Watson/AI, Blockchain, and IBM’s IoT platform. Pat concurred that “we’ve definitely just gotten started.”

  • Client spotlight on Jenzabar, a US-based software company and cloud service provider focused on the higher education market. The firm serves more than 1,300 colleges and universities globally. Gus Ortiz, Jenzabar’s Program Manager, Managed Services, noted that his firm chose the IBM Cloud + VMware solution because “the process of migration [with IBM Cloud] was really simple and easy.” He talked about how leveraging this solution provides his clients “the opportunity to get their servers off of their campus and onto the cloud,” ultimately enabling “colleges and universities to spend less money on technology and more on students.”

  • Product announcements from Ajay Patel, SVP and GM, Cloud Provider Software Business Unit, VMware and Keri Olson, Director, IBM Cloud Development. Ajay shared his perspective on future plans for containers, cloud-based DRaas offerings, and advancements to Horizon on IBM Cloud, our desktop-as-a-service solution. Keri spoke enthusiastically about HCX on IBM Cloud, which, in her words, provides to clients “a secure and seamless path to modernize and transform your on-premises data centers . . . opening up access to consume cloud-native services like AI, Watson, IoT, and Blockchain.”

  • Simon Kofkin-Hansen, IBM’s CTO of IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions and Jennifer Green, Global Field Principal, VMware talked about “real world solutions,” discussing some of the most common use cases they see amongst our client base, including backup and disaster recovery and data center optimization. Simon stressed that as opposed to some of our competitors, “we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to the client experience,” noting that “some clients will want to migrate to the cloud and have it fully managed by IBM . . . others may have the resources to do it themselves” and that IBM is able to scale to accommodate clients’ needs whether that involves a fully customized solution or something more plug-and-play.


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