Rebuild and Empower Your Workforce with Digital Labor

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With more skilled workers in the job market, how do you attract and hire the best talent?

What if the Great Resignation was really the Great Upgrade — a chance to attract and keep employees by making better use of their skills? Digital labor makes that possible by picking up the grunt work for your employees.

Partnering with digital labor through an AI-powered platform frees your employees from unpleasant, low-value tasks so they can do the job they came to do. Instead of replacing employees, it puts them in charge. And instead of inflating costs, it puts your budget to better use. Here’s how it works.

Augmenting the human element with a digital employee

Automation tools are no longer just for data scientists. Workers can now adopt advanced automations across an enterprise. The future of this work is with a digital employee — software-based labor that works alongside human employees.

People now seek jobs driven by their values, but labor shortages continue to stretch workers thin, resulting in too much time spent on low-value tasks like scheduling, navigating systems and organizing data spreadsheets. A digital employee can provide this support and take care of menial, repetitive, programmable tasks across marketing, sales, finance and HR.

This time gained allows people to focus more on high-value responsibilities like customer service relationships, complex brainstorming and strategic collaborations.

Learn more about digital workers by reading “Digital Workers vs. Chatbots vs. Bots: What’s the Difference?”

What is the relationship between AI and a digital employee?

Artificial intelligence (AI) ensures a task is executed as ordered by enabling the digital employee to detect the right skills with confidence.

Digital employees leverage artificial intelligence capabilities like natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to interact and communicate, sequence skills on the fly and put those skills into context by maintaining a working memory of past interactions.

Knowledge workers can then command, train and delegate work to digital employees. These delegations can range from automating and speeding up simple tasks to help with more complex decision-making. This is all put into motion through an AI-powered automation platform.

Maximizing productivity with IBM Watson Orchestrate

Watson® Orchestrate, a 2022 CES Innovation Award Honoree, creates digital employees (digeys) that grow to support the unique work of business professionals in the tools they already use.  Watson Orchestrate is easy and fast to setup with no coding knowledge required. 

Centering a human-machine partnership in your digital strategy is not only a smart response to today’s business challenges, but it will also set up your business for future gains and continued competitive advantage.

Get started

Visit the Watson Orchestrate website, check out our demos and see how digeys are helping business professionals get more done, faster.


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