Get Help from the IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery Development Team on Slack

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Get help fast for IBM Cloud DevOps and Continuous Delivery questions

Do you have questions or need help using the IBM Continuous Delivery Service? For example:

  • Why am I getting 403 errors in my Continuous Delivery pipeline log when deploying my application to Kubernetes?
  • Why can't I select any Organisation or Space when setting-up my Continuous Delivery job to deploy my application to Cloud Foundry?
  • Why is my Continuous Delivery pipeline failing to automatically start upon committing changes to my Git repository?

You've searched the documentation, Googled for answers, but you're still unable to find the answer to your question or the solution to your problem, and you need accurate answers, fast!

Getting help from the IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery Development Team in Slack is easy:

  1. Request an invitation to our Slack workspace.
  2. Read the guidelines.
  3. Ask your question.

Request an invitation to the Cloud DevOps @ IBM Slack workspace

  • Go the Slack self-register application.

  • Enter your email address, ensure you’re not a robot, and click on the GET MY INVITE button.
  • You will receive an invitation email to let you join the Cloud DevOps @ IBM workspace—click on the Join Now button.
  • On the Slack login page, enter your email address and a new password for this email address.
    Slack login page

Note: IBMers should create a new password (the regular Intranet authentication is not used here).

Read the guidelines

Welcome to the Cloud DevOps @ IBM Slack!

Ask your question

  • Use the #ask-your-question channel to ask a question or expose your problem.
  • IBM Cloud Developers are actively monitoring this channel and will provide an answer as soon as possible.

Wrapping up

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