Quickly scaffold a native mobile app with Push and Analytics

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Quickly scaffold a native mobile app with Push and Analytics

As mobile app developers, few of the many priorities in our bucket are engaging the users through Push Notifications and monitor the app usage through Mobile Analytics.

In this post, you will learn how easy it is to quickly create a native mobile application (iOS-swift or Android) with high-value mobile services – Push Notifications and Mobile Analytics on IBM Cloud.You will also be guided for obtaining APNs and FCM credentials to configure and push notifications.

Services on IBM Cloud

This post uses the following products:

Before you begin

iOS – Swift

  1. Apple DevelopersExternal link icon account to send remote notifications from Push Notifications service instance on IBM Cloud (the provider) to iOS devices and applications.

  2. Xcode for importing and enhancing your code.


  1. Android StudioExternal link icon for importing and enhancing your code.

  2. Google account to log into Firebase console for Sender ID and Server API Key.

Create a mobile project from basic starter kit

  1. Navigate to Mobile Dashboard to create your Project from pre-defined Starter Kits.

  2. Click on Starter Kits and scroll down to select Basic Starter Kit.
    Starter Kits
  3. Enter a project name which will also be the Xcode project and app name.

  4. Select Swift or Android as your language and check the mobile services in the right pane.
    create app
  5. Click on Create Project to scaffold an iOS Swift App or an Android App.

  6. A new Project will be created under Projects tab on the left pane.

​ Note: Push Notifications and Mobile Analytics Services should already be added to the Basic Starter.

To add other cognitive and data services, click on Add service.

Next Steps….

  • Obtain APNs credentials or FCM credentials and configure Push Notifications service instance.

  • Download the code and setup client SDKs.

  • Instrumenting the app to use Mobile Analytics.

  • Send and monitor push notifications.

  • Monitoring the app with Mobile Analytics.

Click on the below links to achieve the above steps,

For iOS-Swift tutorial,

Click Here

For Android native tutorial,

Click Here

The below is the architectural representational of your journey


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