Pursue Digital Transformation Goals with LinuxONE Virtual Servers and WebSphere Application Server

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Giving clients a secure, performant and resilient foundation to facilitate the digital transformation journey.

Digital transformation is a well-known business imperative that can often haunt business leaders. Options to migrate, rewrite, emulate, modernize in place are available. The IBM digital transformation approach — or application modernization approach — involves incremental, intentional and cost-effective steps within a coherent and business-driven plan. IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC and WebSphere Application Server are two offerings that provide clients with a secure, performant and resilient foundation to assist businesses with the necessary digital transformation journeys.

Modernize with IBM WebSphere Application Server

IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) is part of the IBM WebSphere family of products that are considered "application and integration middleware." These products are used by developers to design and integrate applications with other applications to create a seamless user experience. WAS aids developers by accelerating application delivery with a highly reliable Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE)-based runtime environment while offering the highest levels of reliability, availability and security.

Double-clicking: What is an application server?

An application server is a framework of software that provides both the creation of web applications and a server environment to run these applications. Application servers are designed to offer an integrated and centralized approach to updating and modernizing applications. Without an integrated and centralized approach, different versions of the same application could appear across the business, leading to a multitude of downstream issues.

For all these reasons, WAS is a suitable solution for existing customers looking to modernize their applications and new customers looking to build new cloud-native apps.

By modernizing existing WebSphere Application Server applications and creating a microservices framework, clients can leverage their current investments to deliver new capabilities at their own pace (while reducing complexity and costs). New customers looking to build new cloud-native apps can rely on the security, resilience and performance foundational to IBM WebSphere Application Server, ensuring that their investments are sustained and returned in the future.

What does IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC add?

IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC is the first and only s390x architecture virtual server in the virtual private cloud. A virtual private cloud (VPC) is a secure, isolated virtual network that combines the security of a private cloud with the availability and scalability of IBM's public cloud.

These virtual servers provide a safe and reliable environment with the benefits of both private and public cloud capabilities, including the following:

  • Virtual Private Endpoints (VPE) allow clients to connect to supported IBM Cloud services from their VPC network by using the IP addresses of their choosing. This means that clients have the flexibility to keep data and applications where they reside and the peace of mind that their networking between data and applications will be secure.
  • Private Network Load Balancers are load balancers that are only accessible from within the VPC network and/or where the client has reachability to the VPC network. Load balancers distribute network traffic across a set of virtual server instances to improve performance and availability.
  • Virtual Private Network can be used to securely connect any VPC virtual server instance to another private network.

These services (along with many others) improve performance and reliability, allowing developers to focus less on their IT and more on developing solutions for and providing business value to their customers.

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For their compatible and diverse set of features, IBM Cloud LinuxONE Virtual Servers for VPC and Websphere Application Server equip clients with a valuable foundation to assist with their digital transformation journeys.

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