Precise Visibility into Applications with Instana on IBM Bluemix Container Service

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Precise Visibility into Applications with Instana on IBM Bluemix Container Service

In this blog post we discuss how Instana integrates with IBM Bluemix Container Service to provide full visibility of your containerized applications, as they run in production.  The linked tutorial was written by Pedro Pacheco, a Senior Solution Architect at Instana, with over 20 years of experience.  We are excited to partner together to demonstrate how quickly and easily users can deploy a Kubernetes cluster in the IBM Cloud, deploy a sample application, and then leverage Instana’s Dynamic APM, which delivers visibility and performance management for dynamic containerized applications running in the cloud.

About IBM Cloud

Bluemix was announced in June 2014 as the IBM Cloud platform, providing users with a variety of compute choices as well as over 140 IBM and third party services. IBM Bluemix Container Service combines Docker and Kubernetes to deliver powerful tools, an intuitive user experience, and built-in security and isolation to enable rapid delivery of applications all while leveraging Cloud Services including cognitive capabilities from Watson. We have integrated monitoring in the platform, but we know that our customers operate in a multi-cloud environment and we’re excited to partner with Instana to provide users that operational consistency across environments, as well as cutting edge container and microservice monitoring capabilities.

About Instana 

Instana is a Dynamic Application Performance Management solution specifically designed for monitoring the service quality and performance of constantly changing microservice based applications.

Ready to try it?

Great, use this tutorial link to deploy a Kubernetes cluster and start using Instana now!

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