Powering Hybrid Cloud Connectivity with IBM Direct Link

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Hybrid cloud is the de facto state of IT

Two-thirds of organizations that blend traditional and cloud infrastructures are already gaining advantage from their hybrid environments. However, leaders among them use hybrid cloud to power their digital transformation, going beyond cost reduction and productivity gains.

What’s more, these leaders are using hybrid cloud to springboard to next-generation initiatives such as Internet of Things, AR/VR, and cognitive computing, aiming to disrupt and capture new markets.

Following are some of the key facts from our recently conducted study from IBM Center for Applied Insights:

  • 85% of hybrid leaders report that hybrid cloud is accelerating digital transformation in their organization

  • 85% of hybrid leaders are achieving cost reduction with hybrid cloud, by shifting some fixed costs to variable costs

  • 79% of hybrid leaders are expanding into new markets, customer segments, and offerings with hybrid cloud

  • 76% of hybrid leaders are achieving market responsiveness (i.e., enabling faster response to customer needs and increasing customer engagement) with hybrid cloud

Given the importance of hybrid cloud in the marketplace, customers are looking for most optimal way’s to make a direct and dedicated network connection from their on premise data centers into the cloud.

IBM Direct Link

IBM offers Direct Link network service that helps customers directly connect from their on-premises data centers into IBM Cloud through any of our PoP locations and/or Data Centers spread across the globe. IBM Direct Link provides following key values to the hybrid customers:

  • Data Transfer: Move data to and from customer’s on-premises data centers into the IBM cloud with uninterrupted consistent network performance.

  • Security: Protect customer’s sensitive, business-critical data by controlling every hop of its network path.

  • Predictable Costs: Save on data transfer to and from customer’s servers in every IBM Cloud data center across our private network avoiding bandwidth fees.

Join Paul Farrall, Seth Janowiak, and I at InterConnect to learn how IBM Direct Link is powering hybrid cloud connectivity’s.

IBM Direct Link is powering hybrid cloud

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