Powerful Analytics Help in the Fight Against COVID-19

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NoviSystems and IBM are helping the world face a common enemy.

It’s at the top of everyone’s mind right now: what’s the latest information about COVID-19? What are the numbers locally and around the globe? Have virus-fighting best practices changed? Are there new policies that will affect me?

Fortunately, healthcare professionals and scientists all over the world are steadily gathering an enormous amount of information about the virus, its trajectory, and its victims. Each new tidbit of data adds to our collective knowledge and brings us a step closer to beating COVID-19, whether by controlling its spread, reducing its impact, or developing a vaccine.

Powerful data analysis

We established NoviSystems in 2018 as a way to facilitate data analysis across industry verticals including healthcare, pharmaceutical research, and more. Our appliance, NoviLens, enables companies to synthesize data in a variety of formats, then use machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to develop and execute queries that can help advance their business interests.

Work like this requires a huge amount of compute power. Fortunately for NoviSystems, we’ve used IBM Power Systems from the outset. NoviLens is designed to run on an IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)-based IBM Power Systems LC922 server. It’s the best of both worlds; with Power, we can run highly sophisticated NLP algorithms on a massive and diverse data set, and with IBM Cloud VPC, our customers have reliable, security-rich access to as much compute power as they need.  

Lending our expertise to the fight

When COVID-19 began making headlines, we saw an opportunity to use NoviLens to help people from all walks of life understand the virus at a deeper level. With IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud on Power, we were able to develop and launch our public COVID-19 dashboard in just four hours. It brings together data from government agencies, academia, news outlets, and more, allowing users to dig into the data themselves.

We’ve also developed a site aimed specifically at COVID-19 researchers. It enables users to upload information from electronic medical records, drug trials, and other sources and use our algorithms to uncover new findings. The site is set up so users can keep their data private if required or share it with other researchers if privacy laws allow. Our hope is that this site will help researchers around the world collaborate and gain a better understanding of the virus.

Using data to answer the big questions

NoviSystems is a small company based on a big idea. Currently, like much of the world, our focus is on combating COVID-19, but we’re looking forward to a time when we can start helping companies solve other important problems. One of our key differentiators is that our customers don’t have to spend a lot of money on infrastructure. With IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud on Power, we can offer the compute power customers need, when they need it.

I’m proud of what NoviSystems is doing to help the fight against COVID-19, I’m excited about what IBM Cloud VPC and IBM Power systems can offer, and I’m looking forward to seeing what new problems NoviLens can help our customers solve.

For more information about the products NoviSystems is using, visit IBM Cloud VPC and IBM Cloud Power systems.

To learn more about NoviSystems’ COVID-19 researcher portal, contact your IBM representative.

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