Perspectives: A New Way of Business

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Here at the Cloud Blog, we’re energized and inspired by the ways IBM Cloud helps companies transform the way they work. 

Whether it’s digitizing content, adding new sales channels, or shifting to a more distributed workforce in response to COVID-19, IBM Cloud is helping companies adapt to our changing world. 

The IBM Cloud Blog Perspectives series shines a spotlight on different themes of stories we've seen from out clients. For "A New Way of Business," we've curated a collection of cloud content that shows some of the interesting and innovative ways that IBM Cloud clients are shifting to a new way of work in the modern era. Read on to learn more, and make sure you check back as we publish new client stories to add to the collection.

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Facilitating Digital Content Production in the Age of COVID-19

As people around the world spend more time in their homes to help stop the spread of COVID-19, the amount of digital content they consume has skyrocketed. BASE Media Cloud provides media companies with centralized cloud storage integrated with media software tools online and on-demand—a business model that has special appeal now that many people must collaborate online.

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Keeping Customers Happy with Digitized, Monetized Content

Digital technologies are creating a sea change in the ways people find, consume, and share content.New capabilities are arising every day that were unimaginable a few short years ago. Happiest Minds sees the power of digital technologies to transform and modernize companies and the world, and it is their intention to lead the way in creating new digital solutions and services that bring that potential to life and keep customers and employees happy in the process.

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Predatar and IBM Cloud Simplify Critical Data Storage

It’s a major understatement to note the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our world in unprecedented and unexpected ways. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the fact that we are still constantly creating and storing data. 

Virus containment and social distancing measures mean that many data centers are closed to all but break-fix activities, and staff shortages are causing delays to new project work. Companies need a quicker answer that can deployed remotely. Rather than purchasing physical storage and continuing to blindly divert extra data onto it, customers can use Predatar to identify large portions of data that can be moved safely to the IBM Cloud without any physical contact.

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