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We will be permanently redirecting URLs to on April 27

Late last year, we released the new unified public cloud console at So far, we’ve heard many good things and received a lot of constructive feedback that has helped us to make continuous improvements to the experience. And, we can confidently say that we’re now ready to go all in.

We will be turning on permanent redirects from to on April 27, 2019.

All of the same functionality that existed on is still available in and you don’t have to take any action to get access to the new console. Any apps you have hosted on are not going to be impacted, and you’ll see that there is a new hostname option on – * The CLI and APIs are also not impacted. Here’s a quick reminder of some of the key enhancements and changes that are on that you don’t have on

New experiences at the new console

  1. New dashboard page: We’ve updated our default home page for the public cloud console to a new at-a-glance dashboard that displays an overview of your account.

  2. Updated resource list: While it might look similar to the dashboard on, we have greatly improved the performance and usability of your resource list view, with more filters and the addition of your classic infrastructure devices.

  3. Discovery of classic infrastructure resources: Not only are classic infrastructure devices and storage available in the resource list view, but they are also discoverable through the global search. And, you can still find them all in the classic infrastructure pages from the global left navigation.

  4. Tagging: You can now tag service instances in the catalog during deployment or on the resource list view after they are created.

  5. Identity and Access Management enhancements: Under the Manage > Access (IAM) menu item in the header, you will find an updated IAM user interface that enables you to manage classic infrastructure permissions and Cloud Foundry access for users in your account.

  6. IBM Cloud API keys: Previously called platform API keys, IBM Cloud API keys can be found on your user details page in the IAM section of the console. The IBM Cloud API keys still provide the same capability to control access and manage API calls to the platform.

  7. Updated status page: The updated status page provides updates on planned and unplanned maintenance, security bulletins, and announcements for all services in the public cloud. Your notification preferences can be set under your profile by clicking the avatar in the upper right corner and following the link for Profile and settings.

  8. Refreshed account page: If you go the Manage > Account menu item in the header, you will find a refreshed interface for managing your entire account, including resource groups, Cloud Foundry orgs, tags, and, of course, your general account settings.

  9. New billing and usage features: Under the Manage > Billing & Usage menu item in the header, you are now able to view and interact with all of your usage, payment, and invoicing information across your account. New to is the ability to export usage data from the usage dashboard.

Now’s the time to update your bookmarks so you don’t have to travel through the redirect every time you visit the console.

If you ever have feedback on the IBM Cloud experience, feel free to let us know by using the feedback button in the console. Enjoy!

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