Partner Ecosystem to Fuel Growth

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The partner ecosystem is central to IBM's go-to-market.

To facilitate this, IBM has designed partner tracks, simplified partner engagements and streamlined co-marketing strategies with strong proof points. Read further to see some great examples. 

Snyk is certified for IBM Cloud Pak® solutions

Today's highly dynamic environment demands the digital transformation of enterprises. However, an IBM-commissioned study by McKinsey & Company shows that most enterprises are only 20% of the way into their cloud journeys. Around 80% of workloads are still being run on-premises as enterprises struggle with movement, connectivity and management across clouds. 

To help enterprises move more workloads to cloud in a faster and more reliable way, we offer IBM Cloud Paks. Built on Red Hat® OpenShift®, they help developers, data managers and administrators quickly develop new cloud-native applications, modernize existing applications and extend AI capabilities of IBM Watson® into the business.  

IBM Cloud Paks are supported by a strong partner ecosystem. This helps clients enhance IBM Cloud Paks with add-on offerings to drive greater innovation and growth. Also, IBM has created a rigorous certification process for partner software to provide clients more confidence in the end-to-end solutions.  

We are pleased to announce that Snyk has met the Certified for IBM Cloud Pak criteria. Red Hat Image and Operator certifications are prerequisites for achieving the Certified solution level mark.  

As part of the certification process, IBM deploys the solution in an OpenShift cluster and runs 200 linter checks for Kubernetes and container best practices. It also reviews the solution architecture and documentation. 

Here are examples of certification requirements that have been met by Snyk:

  • Data encryption in flight and at rest
  • Network protection and implementation
  • Limited security privilege
  • Keys and certificate implementation and management 

IBM Edge Application Manager is compatible with HP Engage Edge solution 

HP has recently announced the compatibility of IBM Edge Application Manager with HP Engage Edge solution. HP and IBM have been collaborating on the joint development of solutions through the Open Retail Reference Architecture (ORRA), which is a part of EdgeX Foundry. The Open Retail Reference Architecture has been developed to enable the collaboration of retail industry vendors, as envisioned by the Open Retail Initiative (ORI).

HP Engage Edge is designed to expedite edge deployments in the retail and hospitality sectors. IBM Edge Application Manager is an intelligent and flexible platform that provides autonomous management for edge computing. 

With the help of IBM Edge Application Manager, HP Engage Edge can now seamlessly manage edge deployments in retail and hospitality industries. Together they can provide a base for retail solutions to share a common infrastructure, use common security practices and have a common approach to support and service.    

Service partners can drive growth with hybrid cloud and IBM

Listen to the discussion that I had recently with Rick Villars, Group Vice President, Worldwide Research, IDC. Learn how IBM Service partners can drive growth and innovation with a hybrid cloud strategy and get answers to to the following questions:

  • How to accelerate cloud migration and build a pipeline rapidly
  • How to support clients with industry-specific solutions
  • How to engage top technical resources from IBM

Atos and IBM continue to strengthen their alliance with Dutch Ministry of Defense and Financial Services Industry

Dutch Ministry of Defense

Atos and IBM have come together to build a highly advanced digital infrastructure for the Dutch Ministry of Defense. This announcement is the outcome of an alliance between Atos and IBM. In January 2021, both these companies announced the expansion of their strategic global alliance to help clients accelerate digital transformation and optimize business processes. The collaboration with Atos and IBM will help the Dutch Ministry of Defense to use advanced technologies and infrastructure services. It can construct new data centers, safeguard its IT system and build a proprietary broadband mobile network for protecting classified government information. 

Atos Cloud Center of Excellence

Atos and IBM are also expanding their global relationship to help banks and insurance companies address their increased security and regulatory compliance demands when moving their workloads and applications to the cloud. Atos and IBM intend to support financial services clients through the creation of a new Atos Cloud Center of Excellence. Seeing the following links for more information:

Atos Connected Experience Summit

Atos will host an event on 14 October 2021 for Financial Services and Insurance (FS&I) leaders. Akhtar Khan, a professional broadcaster and journalist, will host this live and interactive summit. The event will begin with a keynote session by Adrian Gregory, Global Head of Financial Services and Insurance at Atos. It will be followed by panel sessions focused on key topics and challenges.  

Register for the summit using the following links:

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