OVERBLIQ Platform Speeds and Simplifies Mobile App Development with IBM Cloud

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The OVERBLIQ platform from Sisyfos, built on IBM Cloud services and technologies, slashes mobile app development time in half.

Case study: “Getting a great mobile app into customers’ hands

Any business in today’s connected world needs an interactive mobile app, but many organizations lack the specialized skills and infrastructure to create one. Sisyfos Digital AB, a Swedish consulting firm, offers its OVERBLIQ app development platform — built on IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud services offerings — as a SaaS solution. Sisyfos builds the app in half the time of typical app developers, and businesses add their custom content, connecting with customers and driving new revenue.

“If we were looking at other solutions … we’d need to take all these extra steps just to get where we were from day one with IBM Cloud,” says Robin Eriksson, Chief Technology Officer, Sisyfos Digital AB.

Offering a cost-effective development solution that allows its customers to quickly launch interactive, content-driven mobile apps proved its value for Sisyfos during the COVID-19 pandemic. One such customer, Stockholmsmässan, the largest event organizer in Sweden, turned to Sisyfos to make its annual boat convention a digital reality.

In 2020, the pandemic hit during the Allt för Sjön (All About Boats) trade fair, held in early March each year. Signaling the start of the boating season, it draws over 70,000 visitors and 400 exhibitors. For the 2021 show, Stockholmsmässan needed to create an Allt för Sjön digital mobile app to bring those visitors and exhibitors together, entirely online.

As a company whose focus is on in-person conventions, Stockholmsmässan needed a digital pro to make an online convention a success. “We’re not structured to do anything in this field at all because we don’t have the app developers and support internally,” says Tommy Bryngelsson, Digital Manager at Stockholmsmässan. “And it’s my firm belief that if it’s out there, you shouldn’t develop it yourself. You should try to find the best solution that fits your needs, and then adapt it to your situation.” For Stockholmsmässan, that solution was the OVERBLIQ platform and the support it received from Sisyfos.

Stockholmsmässan created the content for the Allt för Sjön app and then invited boat and boating lifestyle vendors to add their own content to reach visitors. “Looking back, it’s been quite difficult to get the exhibitors to actually provide their own information, because the other digital solutions we’ve had weren’t user friendly,” says Bryngelsson. “The OVERBLIQ platform is very user friendly, very straightforward.”

The Allt för Sjön app proved wildly successful for Stockholmsmässan. “It shot to number four on the app store on launch day,” according to Bryngelsson. And the IBM Cloud seamlessly supported the huge jump in users.

To learn more about how Sisyfos helps their clients get great mobile app into customers’ hands, read the case study.

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