Jump into AI and get NVIDIA Tesla GPUs at a lower price

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Jump into AI and get NVIDIA Tesla GPUs at a lower price

How do you take your artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning workloads to the next level? With graphics processing units (GPUs). We’re offering up to 40 percent off on selected NVIDIA GPUs when you order an IBM Cloud bare metal server.

Boost your existing workloads with P100s

If you’re already running NVIDIA Tesla K80s, now’s the time to give your workload an additional boost by upgrading to the P100. The Tesla P100 provides 4.7 teraFLOPS of double-precision performance to accelerate compute-intensive workloads. The addition of a Tesla P100 accelerator delivers up to 65 percent more machine learning capabilities and 50 times the performance than its predecessor, the Tesla K80. Read more on testing here.

Give GPUs a go

If you want to try GPUs for the first time, the NVIDIA Tesla K80 GPU offers up to 2.91 double-precision performance, delivering the computational horsepower needed for complex data analytics and scientific computing applications. The K80 crunches through petabytes of data and runs simulations up to 10 times faster than traditional CPUs for hundreds of applications.

GPUs are gold for graphics

For graphics-intensive applications, the NVIDIA Tesla M60 delivers exceptional performance for virtualized workstations, desktops, and applications.  This GPU allows enterprises to virtualize any application – including professional graphics applications – and deliver them to any device anywhere.

Starting today, order a new IBM Cloud bare metal server configured with two of NVIDIA’s top-of-the-line GPUs. Using the power of NVIDIA GPUs, significantly accelerate the performance of your compute heavy workloads, such as data analytics, AI, high performance computing (HPC), and graphics-intensive applications.

GPUs are gold for graphics

Learn more about our monthly and hourly GPU options and how to order your GPU-configured IBM Cloud bare metal server.

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