Now available: WebSphere Application Server in IBM Cloud new monthly pricing option

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Reserve Contract Option:

We are introducing a new reserve contract pricing option that allows customers to purchase WebSphere in our IBM Cloud public offering through a pre-paid monthly subscription.  These subscriptions are available for multi-tenant deployments in 8 VCORE 16GB increments with a minimum 6-month term.

  • Flexibility – Use your reserve contract to run whatever mix of WebSphere (ND, Base, or Liberty) makes sense for your business.

  • Prorated Usage – Usage of WebSphere Base and WebSphere Liberty counts less against your reserve contract so that you can get the most out of it.

  • Additional Capacity on Demand – Should you need to exceed your reserve contract for the entire month then no problem. The capacity will be there and overage will be metered by the hour for any additional VCOREs used.

Customers that purchase reserve contract may be eligible for additional discounts and qualify for special promotions when migrating existing WebSphere applications from on-prem to IBM Cloud. Contact IBM Sales to find out more.

About WebSphere Application Server in IBM Cloud:

This service gives you the WebSphere Application Server experience in IBM Cloud.  Choose from ND, traditional or Liberty installations of WebSphere Application Server, preconfigured and hosted on your own Red Hat Enterprise Linux guest.

You are given a familiar WebSphere administration experience and have full access to the underlying operating system. You can reuse your existing scripts and make the little system tweaks that you need to make to work with your own, or third party, frameworks. The Admin Center and Admin Consoles are provided to administer your WebSphere Application Server Liberty, ND or Traditional service, just like your on-premises WebSphere configurations.

WAS in IBM cloud is your route to get your WebSphere Apps to the Cloud.  Build, run, deploy, and manage applications with ease.  Same WAS you know and love; same features and capability but gaining the maximum performance and economics of cloud.

Modernize:  Lift and shift your monolithic apps and then add new services, refactor or reimagine them.

Simplify Migrations:  Migrate WAS to the latest versions using IBM Cloud.  No need for new local hardware and no WAS V9 setup time.

Capacity on demand:  Capacity when you need it.  Use it for test, failover, or bursts in demand.

Get started today with WAS in IBM Cloud.

To learn more about the Reserve Contract pricing option and order, contact your local IBM representative, IBM Business Partner or complete the following form:

For additional assistance call:  1-844-95-CLOUD

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