Now Available in App ID: Runtime Activity Tracking

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Now you can track, manage, and analyze authentication events that are performed by your app users at runtime by integrating IBM Cloud Activity Tracker with LogDNA and App ID. 

Releasing your secured custom, mobile, or web app to your users is only the beginning of your journey toward adoption. After your app is deployed, you need to have insights into how your users are interacting with your app. For example, the number and trends of active users. In regulatory markets, such as with HIPAA, you must have a way to share the detailed records of both successful and failed authentication events with auditors.

Available in select regions.

How do I enable runtime activity tracking?

With App ID, you're not only helping your developers to easily add authentication to their apps with just a few lines in your app code (or even no change if your apps are containerized), but you can now have a very detailed view of runtime events that are related to user authentication. When you toggle the runtime switch in the App ID dashboard, your runtime authentication events begin flowing directly into your own instance of IBM Cloud Activity Tracker with LogDNA.

  1. Log in to your IBM Cloud account.
  2. In the App ID dashboard, click Manage authentication > Authentication settings.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and toggle Runtime Activity to Enabled.
Runtime Activity

How do I see my authentication events?

Activity Tracker with LogDNA compiles all of your logs at an account level, which means that all of your services are shown in the same instance, per region. This means that if you have an app that runs in Dallas and another app that runs in London, the events will be found in different instances of Activity Tracker.

  1. In the IBM Cloud console navigation, click Observability.
  2. Select Activity Tracker from the Observability navigation.
  3. Select the instance of Activity Tracker that correlates to the region that you want to see events for.
  4. Click View LogDNA. When the dashboard loads, you'll see an overview of all of the activity that is covered by that instance of Activity Tracker with LogDNA. You can use the search operators to filter the events by tags, sources, apps, or levels. You can also search for specific events or jump to a specific timeframe.
  5. To see events for a specific application, select the app that you want to track from the All Apps drop-down. To help meet compliance regulations, you can choose to retain your events or archive them into IBM Cloud Object Storage.

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