IBM Cloud and NetApp Deliver ONTAP Select Monthly

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IBM Cloud and NetApp Deliver ONTAP Select Monthly

The heart of IT has to remain client-centric for any organization, and customers need to be able to consume services and solutions easily, whenever they need it. As such, today, we’re announcing the availability of NetApp ONTAP Select monthly configurations across IBM Cloud data centers worldwide. The new service integration helps enterprise customers more easily consume and customize dedicated, highly available software-defined storage solutions in the IBM Cloud.

A high degree of collaboration between IBM and NetApp went into creating the initial ONTAP Select BYOL for VMware Solutions in the IBM Cloud catalog. This new, integrated monthly licensing service is an extension of that dynamic (to the cloud, a data center or remote office) for added customer-deployment and control at lower costs.

ONTAP Select features and capabilities now on IBM Cloud

  • Simplified operations and lower training requirements

  • Rapid resource spin up, from procurement to deployment, in hours

  • Non-disruptive data moves and replication across the IBM Cloud global network

  • Enterprise-class data reduction and protection for NAS + SAN with advanced encryption

  • Enterprise-class reliability and continuous operations

  • Enterprise-class efficiency, built-in data deduplication, data compression, thin provisioning, and cloning

  • Application consistency with NetApp Snapshot copies via the NetApp SnapManager tool suite

IBM Cloud infrastructure has a variety of enterprise customers, ranging from industrial industries to large financial services accounts. The need to extend their on-premises environments to mobile cloud applications is more common and valid than ever before. We’re seeing business values of varied organizations rise in direct relation to their IT departments’ abilities to create storage-first environments ripe for reliable data insights, high-workload performance and unified on-premises to cloud extensions. With NetApp OTS Select monthly licensing consumption services on our infrastructure, customers can now get the flexibility of the cloud while maintaining rigid control down to the processor, spinning disks and flash storage.

“We’re excited to once again partner with NetApp to bring ONTAP Select monthly configurations natively to IBM Cloud infrastructure. Our enterprise customers now have the same direct access, full control and management as they would for their on-premise engineered storage solutions.” – Jay Jubran, Director, Compute Platform Offering Management, IBM Watson and Cloud Platform

How customers are using ONTAP Select

The new ONTAP Select monthly consumption service in the IBM Cloud portal gives customers direct access to both standard and premium services for NetApp OTS 9.3 based on our most popular configurations for ingest, business continuity and disaster recovery.

  • Lift and shift applications to the cloud with advanced cloud data management to meet application demands

  • Cloud-based disaster recovery and business continuity across IT environments, from data centers to the cloud

  • Accelerating DevOps with automated development and test environments for increased performance, advanced workspace utilization, and elasticity

How NetApp and IBM are partnering to deliver business value to customers

How can I order NetApp ONTAP Select Licenses in IBM Cloud?

You will first need to install ONTAP Select on a monthly VMware vSphere 6.x bare metal server. There are two license offerings for NetApp ONTAP Select:

  • Standard – uses Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) drives

  • Premium – uses Flash Solid State Drives (SSD)

Access and download the NetApp ONTAP Select software and installation guild in the IBM Cloud Control Portal.

Whether you’re addressing hybrid cloud needs, like disaster recovery scenarios, providing file services, and managing rapid transactional data workloads or need a powerful SDS solution for VMware workloads, our latest NetApp ONTAP Select consumption model puts you in full control.

Get started with NetApp ONTAP Select licenses on IBM Cloud today.

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