Multi-tiered distribution of video with ECDN

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Multi-tiered distribution of video with ECDN

Organizations can have a variety of Internet structures for their own employees. This can be at an office level or even at a company level with a hub-and-spoke network environment, a site-to-site WAN (Wide Area Network) network topology. IBM Cloud Video’s ECDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) has been a solution for alleviating local network congestion through caching video assets or live streams. However, certain setups, like hub-and-spoke networks, can still face congestion issues at a central ISP level. To address this, ECDN has expanded to include multi-tiered distribution of video to deliver a solution for these setups.

For those unfamiliar with hub-and-spoke networks, this is where you take a central site, such as a main office, and use it to connect other locations to the Internet. These other locations are known as spokes, while the main office would be the hub. A drawback of this approach is that the spokes have to go through the hub for access, even if local caching would normally reduce strain. This is applicable to ECDN, which under normal circumstances would greatly reduce the network strain from video through caching. So rather than 100 people all separately downloading a stream, that would be consolidated with caching to just a few instances. However, each of these instances would still all have to go through the central hub. As a result, hubs can be susceptible to congestion issues.

To address this, IBM Cloud Video has added multi-tiered distribution capabilities to its ECDN offering. This adds regional points that act as a buffer to reduce strain on the hub for video streaming. For example, a 50 spoke setup might have 4 regional servers that are then linked to them. As a result, rather than have all 50 spokes go to the hub with the video requests, they go to the regional servers which drops the strain on the hub down to just the 4 regional servers.

Learn more about doing multi-tiered distribution with IBM Cloud Video.

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