Modernizing VMware-Based Applications in the Cloud

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General availability of IBM Cloud Private Hosted on the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions platform

The IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions (ICVS) team, in collaboration with the IBM Cloud Private (ICP) team, is proud to announce the general availability of IBM Cloud Private Hosted on the IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions platform, coming this November 12, 2018. The teams are bringing together two compelling technologies—the seamless migration and adoption of hybrid cloud with ICVS and a powerful application management and development platform with ICP Hosted. This new solution brings a marriage between containers and virtual machines through a single management view.

The journey to cloud and modernizing legacy applications while adopting cloud-native practices can be complex. There are many paths for modernization, and each come with different amounts of time, risk, and costs. IBM breaks this journey down into three states of your applications: cloud hosted, cloud enabled, and cloud native. With cloud hosted, one can lift and shift VMs via migration to the cloud. With cloud enabled, one can lift and transform applications to leverage PaaS services from the IBM Cloud catalog and also transform apps by containerizing stateless portions. Cloud native enables an application to be written from scratch, leveraging agile and DevOps techniques with containers and microservices. IBM Cloud, with ICVS and ICP Hosted, is uniquely positioned to modernize applications while mitigating the risk of downtime, being cost-effective, and enabling development in a timely fashion.

What is IBM Cloud Private Hosted?

IBM Cloud Private (ICP) is an application platform for developing and managing containerized and virtualized applications. The platform provides a single-pane management view of virtual machines and containers across multiple environments. IBM Cloud Private includes a native catalog of IBM Cloud services that can be used to leverage IBM middleware components and to modernize applications. Most importantly, developers can access these services via a private network; no need to traverse the public internet. IBM Cloud Private Hosted brings that same experience of IBM Cloud Private on-premise to the cloud through ICVS’ flagship service, VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud (vCS).

With VMware vCenter Server on IBM Cloud, IT administrators can lift and shift VMware workloads to the cloud without the need to refactor applications, adopt new tooling, or train for new skills. Adopting the cloud for your legacy VMware workloads has never been easier. Combined with ICP Hosted, IBM Cloud provides a clear path to modernizing applications at all layers of the stack.

Here’s why you should care:

  • End-to-end application transformation: Seamlessly migrate VMs to the IBM Cloud with VCS and HCX, containerize them with Kubernetes, and consume microservices from ICP’s native services catalog.

  • Build a foundation for hybrid cloud: ICP Hosted provides a single-pane view of VMs and containers across the client’s on-premise data center, IBM Cloud, and even other clouds.

  • Fit into a multicloud strategy: Fully 81% of enterprises having a multicloud strategy. With IBM Cloud Private Multicloud Manager, this offering can fit into any multicloud strategy.

  • Leverage existing IBM middleware: Use your existing investments in IBM middleware to transform your monolithic applications to microservices.

  • Retain control and consistency: The client can get out of the data center business while still retaining full control of the software and hardware stack and using the same tooling.

  • IT admins and developers can live in harmony: Empower development teams to securely build new functionality and applications with containers without breaking governance, procurement, or security policies.

A clear path to adopting cloud-native practices

The integration of VCS with ICP Hosted will be a strategic initiative for those wanting to modernize their applications. IBM Cloud offers a clear path to adopting cloud-native practices through this hybrid cloud solution. This offering will support developers and IT administrators to deliver new functionality to their customers’ experience more efficiently, effectively, and elegantly. Ultimately, our goal is to elevate our client’s IT organizations to compete with businesses that were born in the cloud. In turn, our clients can achieve competitive advantage through IBM’s end-to-end hybrid cloud solution.

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