Modernize and Simplify Your IT and Network Operations

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Modernizing IT operations management

Most organizations are constantly upgrading their IT and network infrastructures by rapidly adopting cloud technologies that provide greater efficiency, lower cost, and enhanced agility while driving more value to their business. Is your organization deploying new apps, services, and infrastructure faster than operations can support? Are you battling high cost and maintenance problems associated with managing such complex infrastructures? Is this slowing your diagnosis and resolution of on-going business problems?

It’s time you consider simplifying these complexities by modernizing your IT operations management to be a reliable, high-performing IT system that can scale and interact effectively.

IBM Netcool Operations Insight 1.5 boosts IT operational health

IBM recently announced the release of IBM Netcool Operations Insight 1.5 for operations teams like yours. You need faster, better, and cheaper software delivery and lifecycle management in order to boost your overall IT operational health—this release addresses just that.

IBM Netcool Operations Insight is now available on IBM Cloud Private. It is a containerized version of Netcool Operations Insight that covers operations management and agile service management. The containerized deployment option enables rapid deployment and a significant reduction in lifecycle management cost. It enables you to run your management software on the same modern platform as other workloads, making it cost-effective and scalable for future migrations.

IBM Netcool Operations Insight leverages machine learning and cognitive analytics, and it couples them with automation and advanced event and network management capabilities, all in a single, simplified solution. All this will enable you to reduce event noise, group events related to the same problem automatically, and provide relevant context so that you can resolve issues faster and work smarter, not harder.

Enhanced Netcool capabilities that will help you deliver business value

1. Cloud-enabled: Increase time to value and reduce total cost of ownership

Integrated with high-level, out-of-the-box, yet simple deployment capabilities that help reduce the time, effort, risk, and cost to install, deploy. and manage the overall lifecycle. The ability to rapidly deploy and upgrade, using a cookie-cutter approach to support multiple deployments, significantly increases the time to value and reduces the total cost of ownership.

2. Cognitive Analytics: Reduce the number of incidents

With the advanced cognitive analytics capabilities, you can experience a dramatic reduction of up to 2x–4x the noise and number of incidents compared to the last release. This means that you spend less time resolving issues because you have fewer, but more important, actionable events. You can give back your team more time to value.

3. Dynamic Topology: Seamless user experience and faster cause identification

For a constantly changing, real-time converged topology, your operations teams can get a real-time context, including dynamic, cross-domain topology information you can trust. This information provides the context for probable-cause identification, which can help your operations team resolve problems faster.

4. Infrastructure Management: Improve scalability for large enterprises

Enhancements to the performance management solution provide seamless contextualized insights from the data derived from various devices, enabling you to rapidly detect and resolve network issues. The integrated tooling functionality makes it easy for you to manage all your network operations at low cost. Backed with insightful and efficient analytics, your operations support personnel can deliver a reliable network service to the enterprise.

We’re excited about the new flexible deployment option of Netcool Operations Insight on IBM Cloud Private and how it can help our clients. It was designed to work seamlessly with your existing solutions, improve ROI on your existing investments, and continuously drive operational efficiency.

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