Mobile Foundation Service on IBM Cloud is Now Available in the US-East Region

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Mobile Foundation now available in the US-East

We are excited to announce the availability of the IBM Cloud Mobile Foundation service in the US-East (Washington DC) region. The service is now available in five regions, including US-South (Dallas, TX), London, Frankfurt, and Sydney. The ability to control the region of deployment for the Mobile Foundation service is of specific importance due to in-country regulations, latency reasons, or to ensure availability in disaster situations.

Mobile Foundation

Features and capabilities

Mobile Foundation offers a rich set of back-end capabilities for building, managing, and updating your next-gen cognitive, engaging, secure, and personalized mobile and web applications. Developers can build applications with front-end tools and frameworks of their choice and easily add push notifications, analytics, authentication, offline sync, and business logic to their applications. The service allows you to focus on the front-end of the app and leverage the rich back-end capabilities out of the box, reducing the app development effort and time to market significantly.

Mobile Foundation offers a rich set of SDK’s for Cordova, IOS, Android, Xamarin, Windows 10, React Native, Ionic, and Mobile Web to facilitate the development of mobile, mobile web, or PWA apps. It also provides out-of-the-box integration with Watson services (NLUTone AnalyzerLanguage TranslatorDiscoveryConversation) to facilitate building cognitive apps.

The latest additions to the service include support for React Native development, Mobile Analytics capabilities at no additional cost, and support for PostgreSQL. Refer to the blog for full details.

For an uninterrupted end-user experience on the device, it is imperative that the back-end of the app is highly available and reliable. While the service is highly available within a region, enterprises may expect high availability across regions to prevent downtime in case of disaster situations. With the service now available in the US-East, enterprises can set up an HA-DR (Highly Available and Disaster Recovery) topology with US-South and US-East for the mobile back-end. Please refer to this blog post for the detailed setup instructions.

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