Migrating VMware vSphere Workloads to IBM Cloud with RackWare Management Module

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How to migrate your VMware vSphere workloads in a few simple steps using the RMM solution.

Are you one of the millions of customers who use VMware vSphere to virtualize your workloads? Is your organization looking to move to or adopt a public cloud provider for your computational needs? Are you ready to embrace the scale, richness of the software stack and breadth of cost-effective solutions on the public cloud?

Look no further, because IBM Cloud VPC has all of this and more. To make this migration easier, IBM Cloud is introducing a new capability provided by RackWare Inc. to migrate your VMware vSphere workloads to IBM Cloud with ease and at scale.

IBM Cloud VPC offers a “best of both worlds” approach to cloud computing, predominantly based on the Intel x86 platform. It gives customers many of the advantages of private clouds, while leveraging public cloud resources and savings. The following are some key features:

  • Agility: Control the size of your virtual network and deploy cloud resources whenever your business needs them. You can scale these resources dynamically and in real-time.
  • Availability: Redundant resources and highly fault-tolerant availability zone architectures mean that your applications and workloads are highly available.
  • Security: Because the VPC is a logically isolated network, your data and applications won’t share space or mix with those of the cloud provider’s other customers. You have full control over how resources and workloads are accessed, and by whom.
  • Affordability: VPC customers can take advantage of the public cloud’s cost-effectiveness, such as saving on hardware costs, labor times and other resources.

RackWare Management Module

RackWare Management Module (RMM) offers you a self-service migration tool with a BYOL model to migrate your VMware vSphere workloads to the IBM Cloud with ease. The tool provides the ability to discover your VMware vSphere workloads, set up your migration plan and execute.

The following are some of the key benefits of the tool:

  • Live and non-disruptive migration
  • Automated discovery of VMware vSphere workloads
  • Highly secure and efficient data transfer
  • Include/exclude lists that capture and “sync-only” specific files and directories, rather than entire systems
  • Delta sync that allows you to sync only the changed parts of files during the final data sync, drastically lowering cutover times
  • Network optimization for bandwidth usage limitations, compression and check point restart for all sync operations
  • Simplified monthly subscription-based licensing model with bring your own license (BYOL)
  • Intuitive GUI

How to start your migration

Using the RMM solution, you can migrate your VMware vSphere workloads in a few simple steps:

  1. Provision an RMM server via the catalog offering from IBM Cloud.
  2. Order your license from RackWare by contacting sales@RackWareinc.com (BYOL).
  3. Discover VMware vSphere workloads.
  4. Provision the VPC VSI.
  5. Establish and validate connectivity, set up your source and destination server and you are ready to migrate.

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