Migrate your GCM client Apps on Android to FCM

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Migrate your GCM client Apps on Android to FCM

Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) has been deprecated and is integrated with Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). Google will turn off most GCM services by April 2019.

The IBM Push Notifications service on IBM Cloud has been updated to use the FCM endpoints. For now, the existing applications using GCM services will continue to work.

However, the Push notifications service on IBM Cloud will pull out support for GCM projects soon.

If you are using a GCM project, then migrate the GCM client apps on Android to FCM  at the earliest.

Note that there will be no change in the SDK and the client app would behave as expected. After migrating to FCM, update your project to use FCM credentials instead of the old GCM credentials.

We recommend the developers to upgrade at the earliest.

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