Get the new Micron 5100 SATA SSD storage to accelerate and secure your cloud workloads

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Get the new Micron 5100 SATA SSD storage to accelerate and secure your cloud workloads

Let’s face it: Enterprise data storage requirements are increasing at an accelerated rate. The challenge today is finding the right balance between performance, reliability, and cost.

To address this need, we’ve got three new models of the Micron 5100 series of SSD storage for IBM Cloud bare metal servers. Available in 960GB, 1.9TB, and 3.8TB capacities, you now have an even wider range of storage options. With steady state random writes (up to 74,000 IOPS [1]), Micron’s 5100 series of SATA SSDs will satisfy a wide variety of your workloads—from read-intensive video streaming to latency-sensitive transactional databases to write-intensive logging applications. The 5100 SSD family also offers a unique cost-optimized platform that’s a better value compared to existing HDD solutions.

Because data security is on the forefront of every data center manager’s mind, the Micron 5100 family of SSDs also offers self-encrypting drive (SED) capability that follows the trusted computing group’s security subsystem class (SSC) enterprise specification for storage devices for servers, data centers, and enterprise applications. Each Micron 5100 SED-supported drive means two modes of encryption protection, both operating with the drive’s onboard AES-256 encryption engine:

  • ATA security: Provides basic protection by locking access to the drive using the ATA password; most frequently set and managed by the host system BIOS or UEFI

  • TCG SSC enterprise: Provides a higher level of security and manageability by supporting the industry standard from TCG, with capability to manage multiple passwords and encryption keys for each drive

For the highest performance and flexibility, Micron includes its own FlexPro firmware architecture, allowing IT administrators to actively tune capacity to optimize drive performance and endurance.

Micron 5100 SATA SSDs are available today for IBM Cloud bare metal servers in the following configurations:

Micron 5100 SATA SSDs

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[1] For SATA products in a 7mm form factor

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