Make your disaster recovery testing easier, faster and cheaper

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Make your disaster recovery testing easier, faster and cheaper

Every good disaster recovery (DR) plan includes the periodic testing of data on the recovery site to ensure that in the event of a disaster, you can quickly bring up your production and be back up and running with all your data intact.

In general, testing your DR configuration requires doing a “practice” fail over to the recovery site to test the data. This means that while you are doing your testing, you are no longer able to copy data from your primary site to your recovery site, leaving you at risk for data loss in the event of a disaster while you are testing the data on the recovery site.

With IBM Cloud block and file storage, conducting your data DR test is easy and you don’t have to fail over, or otherwise disrupt, your replication configuration while doing your test.

Just follow these three easy steps:

  1. Create a duplicate of your replica volume.

  2. Connect a host to your new, duplicate volume and test the data.

  3. Delete your duplicate volume when you are finished testing.

three easy steps

Not only is this easy and non-disruptive to your DR configuration, but when combined with hourly billing, you only pay for the duplicate for the time you use it for your test.

If you ever need to move to your backup site in the event of a disaster, without impacting your DR configuration or affecting your bottom line, our block and file storage DR capabilities are for you. You can now gain peace of mind knowing that your data will be intact if disaster strikes.

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