Four Lessons from IBM Women In Technology 2015

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Four Lessons from IBM Women In Technology 2015

IBM Women In Technology (WIT) conference is an awesome annual global conference to empower IBM women engineers to stay and grow in technology career at IBM. I attended and presented at a few North Carolina WIT events before, and had the privilege of attending my very first IBM WIT conference this year and came home with a few lessons to share.

Be a disruptor

Be a disruptor Linda Bernardi, CIO of IBM Cloud, encouraged us greatly to be a disruptor and innovator. She explained to us why the global culture of disruptor is the only hope for innovation. She described the lifecycle of innovation, from Anger/Denial to Rejection, Recognition, Inspiration and Acceptance/Action. The faster we can fail, the faster we can iterate. IBM Bluemix is the perfect digital innovation platform where you can quickly iterate your ideas and learn from failure!

Write your own “pink slip” We were shocked when Linda discussed pink slips during the conference and gave each of us a pink slip to write our dream job! We thought about it carefully, wrote down our dream job and folded the pink slip into our purses to remember later. What a great start to the conference!

Fake it till you become During the closing session, Marie Wieck, General Manager of IBM Systems Middleware, described the superhero pose as the body language that can change our mind and encouraged us to “fake it till you become”. Try practice the superhero pose next time when you are nervous about something!

Job moves If you aren’t sure what your dream job is yet, don’t worry! Marie shared with us she didn’t have set her dream job early in her career. Marie explained she has three main criteria when deciding to move to a new job: 1) Do I like the job? 2) Will I still learn something? 3) Will I contribute and give back?

It was such an honor to spend the day with 100+ IBMers at such an inspiring conference! I encourage others to attend future IBM WIT conferences, you will love it!! I’m hopeful I will get to attend or even speak next year!

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