Learn How to Use Dynamic Rules to Manage Your Staff's Access

1 min read

In this new tutorial, we'll show you how to control access to cloud resources.

For some time now in IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM), you have been able to add federated users to access groups based on the identity information sent from your enterprise identity provider—this feature is called dynamic rules for access groups. Over the last few months, we have worked to improve the usability and user experience as well as added additional capabilities for setting up dynamic rules in the IBM Cloud console.

Check out the new tutorial

To learn more about using dynamic rules for your access groups, check out this new tutorial about how to control access to cloud resources. In 45 minutes or less, you will learn all of the tasks needed to effectively set rules to dynamically give access to your staff through the membership of access groups. The tasks you will learn include the following:

  • Create an access group.
  • Add static members to the access group.
  • Add access policies to the access group so that the membership will have an impact on authorization decisions.
  • Learn about dynamic rules, including how they evaluate, which conditions and comparators exist, and how attributes from your enterprise identity providers are propagated into dynamic rules evaluation.
  • Add a dynamic rule to an access group.
  • Validate that the dynamic rule was executed correctly.

After you check out the tutorial, head over to the IBM Cloud console and try it out!

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