Are you a Java Ninja? Test your skills at the Vaadin Challenge!

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Are you a Java Ninja? Test your skills at the Vaadin Challenge!

Those legacy apps dragging you down? Want to convert them to super-fast smart apps for mobile? Are you a Java developing ninja or want to be? Then sign up for the Vaadin Challenge where you will learn how to work with today’s most popular tools including Cloud Foundry, Maven, Vaadin, and Bluemix. And for each Vaadin challenge, there’s an opportunity to win prizes for the best app!

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So, what is Vaadin? Vaadin is a Java framework for building modern web applications that look great and with solid performance with a rich developer community of 150K developers worldwide. Vaadin focuses on developer productivity, end-user experience and scalability. With a unique combination of building on JVM and HTML5, Vaadin helps you decrease development time and amount of errors.

You will play and build in IBM Bluemix and have access to all of its services to incorporate into your app including Watson, IoT, Insights for Twitter plus multiple third-party services like Twilio, SendGrid, and others.

As you complete each step of the challenge you will be scored individually. The first challenge is done in your browsers, but for the rest of the steps you’ll need your IDE and some wit. Every challenge step builds on the previous step and in the final step you’ll get to create something of your own.

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Regardless of your experience with Java, the Challenges are designed to bring you up to speed quickly. With Vaadin you are able to keep creating new features quickly by writing code in Java, Scala or any JVM language you prefer.

Learn to migrate your legacy Java apps in a fun and productive environment. Sign up for the Vaadin Challenge today!

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