Jenkins Meets IBM Globalization Pipeline

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Jenkins Meets IBM Globalization Pipeline

Your application release cycles are fast — you build and test and deploy as rapidly as your developers can innovate, but to reach your customers — your global customers, you need to translate your applications into the languages in which they work and play. And there is the rub — your translation processes sit outside your DevOps processes — forcing you to manage your translations through a grab bag of manual operations that even performed perfectly disrupt DevOps and add churn to your development schedule.

This is where IBM Globalization Pipeline comes in. An IBM Cloud service, Globalization Pipeline enables app developers to integrate human and machine translation into DevOps.

Now, we have just extended the power of Globalization Pipeline with the release of our new Jenkins plugin.

This plugin enables you to integrate the Globalization Pipeline service with Jenkins jobs and builds. The plugin can upload translatable resources from any Jenkins job workspace to an instance of Globalization Pipeline service and download translated resource bundles to a Jenkins job workspace. Combining Jenkins with Globalization Pipeline, you move that much closer to making translation an integral part of DevOps — saving time and cost and ensuring your applications reach your customers in the languages that they understand.

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