Is Your IBM FlashSystem Up to Date?

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IBM Systems Lab Services’ FlashSystem Health Check helps you monitor the health and configuration of your IBM FlashSystem.

Customers often install an IBM FlashSystem, leave it running and don’t think any more about it until the next update cycle or until a problem arises. You wouldn’t do this to the car that you rely on every day, so why do it to your FlashSystem storage?

What is the FlashSystem Health Check?

The FlashSystem Health Check is an IBM Systems Lab Services offering that provides you with a report of the current state of your FlashSystem. We check for “good practice” configuration, anomalies and any outstanding errors. Once we check your FlashSystem, we produce a report with the findings, things to consider and suggestions or recommendations. This puts you in the position to make any adjustments, corrections or fixes to improve the operation of your FlashSystem and storage environment as a whole.

Each individual FlashSystem Health Check is different because every customer has their own unique needs and requirements, and each FlashSystem is unique once it is configured. The FlashSystem Health Check process is done in the same manner every time, allowing you to easily compare FlashSystems if you have multiple devices.

A FlashSystem has built-in monitoring that will report items like hardware errors, faulty or missing cables and some configuration errors. However, it is possible to simply have a poorly configured FlashSystem and be unaware that this is the case. In our health check, we look for anything that is misconfigured, not configured as would normally be expected, in an error state or anything else that could cause a potential issue in the immediate or short-term future.

The following are some examples of things that we evaluate:

  • Encryption keys: How many USB drives are there? Where are they located? Are they in a safe place?
  • Host-to-volume mapping: Are all clustered hosts mapped to the same volumes using the same SCSI ID?
  • FlashCopy: Do FlashCopy volumes have the same preferred node as their source volumes?
  • Volumes: Are volumes spread evenly between nodes and IO groups?

The FlashSystem Health Check will look at all these configuration parameters (and other aspects), but if you identify a specific problem that needs to be investigated, we can create a health check that is tailored to focus on whatever you need.

As part of our FlashSystem Health Check, we do not evaluate the FlashSystem’s performance as this is somewhat subjective and requires a deep understanding of the requirements of the FlashSystem and how it integrates into your whole  environment. Our health check essentially focuses on the FlashSystem’s configuration.

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