Investing, gambling and yet another cloud outage. The path ahead.

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Investing, gambling and yet another cloud outage. The path ahead.

As of May 23rd IBM Bluemix Container Service now provides a native Kubernetes operations experience while removing the burden of maintaining master nodes. Kubernetes itself is based on the Docker engine for managing software images and instantiating containers. Get the details.


Yet another storage outage from a major cloud provider. This week it was Azure and earlier this month it was AWS and S3. What’s going on?

Regardless of the why and how this latest outage reminds me of what a colleague said to me earlier this month “there is a difference between investing and gambling”. And as I read The Amazon S3 Outage Is What Happens When One Site Hosts Too Much of the Internet  in WIRED by @klintron, and the latest Azure outage I got to thinking about the importance of spreading bets. Or how gambling shifts to investing.

Clearly diversification at a universal level is the answer to mitigating risk. Going all in on one number, one vendor, one cloud poses ever increasing IT risk.

This is where the powerful combination of containers, compute and storage may offer the ideal solution. With containers, you have a lingua franca across cloud providers and that is a great way to mitigate risk. An application, for example, running in a Docker container on AWS or Azure  can be moved over to  IBM Containers on Bluemix. Storage in S3 can be moved to object storage services running on Bluemix, and as the Bluemix services speaks S3 apis,  your applications should not require rework. Again a great risk mitigation tactic.

What’s interesting, is once there, the applications, storage, and you can benefit from the capabilities of IBM Cloud including:

  • Integrated container monitoring to monitor performance and gain insight per container into CPU, memory, and network utilization.

  • Vulnerability advisor to help discover vulnerabilities and compliance problems in Docker images.

  • Native container hosting to manage all aspects of the Docker infrastructure—building images, deploying containers, setting up the Docker engine, and populating a private image registry with the native Docker CLI.

  • Proven storage technology. The storage engine in Bluemix is based on technology from the Cleversafe acquisition reflecting over 400 patents and recognized by Gartner and IDC as top in class technology.

  • Spreading your storage. As data comes into the object store, it is encrypted and sliced immediately, with the slices dispersed across multiple regions automatically. With the “immediate consistency” capability, if a write operation is confirmed, data is protected immediately. That’s really important, because if a region goes down, data can still be delivered from the slices that exist in remaining regions. Applications that rely on that data remain up and running. They can survive regional outages.

  • Going from storing content to putting it to use. With data growing to 44 Zetabytes by 2020 and 80% of that being unstructured, we are collectively faced with a problem that needs urgent attention. Not only do we need flexible storage across public, dedication and public cloud to store it all, but we need cognitive capabilities to derive meaning and action from it. That is where the IBM Watson and analytics within Bluemix can make all the difference.

The combination of containers, compute and storage hold great potential to help us spread risk and go from gambling to investing. And its free to start with both storage and containers today!

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