Introducing IBM MQ v9.1.2

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IBM MQ on Cloud v9.1.2: Exciting enhancements and new capabilities

How cool would it be if your IBM MQ had seamlessly updated to MQ v9.1.2 without you doing anything? Well, that’s exactly what can happen! Here in the IBM MQ team, we have been working hard on a number of exciting enhancements and new capabilities to bring you the second Continuous Delivery release of MQ v9.1. So without further ado, the IBM MQ team is proud to introduce the new MQ v9.1.2, which is live now.

A big year for MQ on Cloud so far

As Q1 of 2019 draws to a close, it’s been a big year for the MQ on Cloud offering so far. We have seen lots of growth and enhancement, like the adding of functional support for the MQ AMS end-to-end encryption and the MQ MFT features. We’ve also included new data centres for both IBM Cloud and AWS. The latest update also adds a Lite plan, allowing ongoing free use of a hosted MQ environment without the need for a credit card (limited to 1,000 messages per month).

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What’s new?

With IBM MQ v9.1.2, we have several new capabilities to introduce. First, you can now download a JSON format client channel definition table (CCDT) that describes the queue manager endpoints in a human-readable way. This can be used with the IBM MQ C, JMS, .NET, Node.js,and Golang v9.1.2 clients.

What IBM MQ cares about most is your data. As a part of our disaster recovery process, we now take a daily configuration backup of your queue managers. So, if disaster was to strike, we can re-create your Queue Manager in a new location/environment for you to get you back up and running faster. You can also register for a notification to be sent in the event that it is necessary for us to invoke the disaster recovery process so that you can manage any subsequent application actions.

A new improvement to the user interface is the addition of the entitlement tracker for the Custom Enterprise plan. We want to make it easier for our users to manage their use of the service and see what their pre-paid entitlement provides. Just another way we are improving the experience of using IBM MQ.

More to come

Stay tuned, as there are a number of other really interesting updates coming to the MQ family soon.

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