Introducing a New Cloud Backup Service: IBM Cloud Backup

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Introducing IBM Cloud Backup

The IBM Cloud storage infrastructure team is proud to announce the new IBM Cloud Backup, which includes a free-forever 10GB tier. Also, all plugins are now free. Consequently, your implementation of specific application use-cases like MSSQL, Oracle DB, SharePoint, or even Bare Metal Restore will see no additional costs (even for other tiers). Let’s look at an overview of how the typical backup experience is perceived and how, in contrast, the new IBM Cloud Backup is the best solution to enable your backup needs at any scale.

The perception of backup solutions

Backup service providers have, to some significant degree, played a role in inadvertently shaping a negative perspective of backup solutions for most users who should otherwise be leveraging a thoughtfully executed backup strategy. The underlying problem is the following: truly comprehensive backup services have inherently been complicated to set up and manage, obscure from a perspective of immediate cost and long-term total cost of ownership at scale, and often lack the level of security desired to fully protect from exposure to rogue agents. The exact opposite is what is typically promised, but often goes altogether unrealized!

Certain occurrences put business continuity at risk, including accidental deletion or overwrite of data, ransomware, loss or theft, data corruption, etc. The pervasively enduring fact remains that these are inherent problems where backup solutions are positioned and employed to resolve. Still, users often find one reason or another to justify their avoidance of implementing a comprehensive backup strategy. In a lot of cases, these motivations and the absence of factual evidence to support them just serve to do more harm than good. For instance, here are three very faulty and very distinct schools of thought:

  1. Typically for virtual infrastructure workloads, a category of users is under the impression that snapshots are backups. Because this impression is false, we will vehemently continue to state the obvious: “snapshots are, in fact, not backups.”

  2. Some others view backup implementations as non-critical components in their environments, and they believe that they can put these off until sometime in the distant future (typically too late in some unfortunate instances).

  3. Even worse, a subgroup will completely fall under the impression that they don’t need a backup strategy at all. Frightening.

One can reasonably imagine the fallout from these systems left vulnerable to these perceptions, especially for critical workloads. It is like being completely aware that there will be a blizzard, but then deciding to go out in a bathing suit. Well, to be fair, some do like that sort of a thrill. Personally, not the kind of excitement I want around the integrity of my data.

The perception of backup solutions

IBM Cloud Backup keeps you prepared

This certainly has not been a simple problem to overcome, because a mind made up is something characteristically difficult to change. To help resolve these deeply-rooted mindsets, we look to better proactive education. The motivating principle is the following: Preparation is key. This is great news because we can help effectively facilitate.

IBM Cloud Backup keeps you prepared

What we deliver with IBM Cloud Backup tackles these critical elements head-on. Here is what it means for you:

  1. Ours is a fully managed enterprise-grade solution for backup storage and disaster recovery—we cannot say that enough times. This simply means that you can set it and forget it and then sit back and relax. We take care of the rest. That is, bug fixes, underlying infrastructure updates, dynamic storage scaling (up or down), downtime mitigation, etc. are all essentially nothing you will have to bother dealing with.

  2. It is self-serve and available for access from anywhere in the world, including our Multi-Vaulting capabilities (we talk about that in this recent blog post).

  3. It is a differential-based backup solution, resulting in a net reduction in storage usage and costs, which stays consistent even with how easily the solution scales.

  4. Most importantly, data is always secure with enterprise-grade encryption, from source to destination and back again, and this fully protected data can be easily and quickly restored as needed.


    Keeping you informed

From an education standpoint, we are keeping you informed with the following:

  1. Always up-to-date documentation (this seems clear enough).

  2. How-to videos to walk through a variety of use-cases and implementations. This should serve to provide an initial view of our new portal interface and to reinforce what we mean when we say that implementing IBM Cloud Backup is really that easy.

  3. Quite a bit of the highly anticipated and perfectly curated “what could go wrong” demos (for both “with-backup” and “without-backup” scenarios, because it certainly pays to have both perspectives).

Let IBM Cloud Backup provide you a with a comprehensive strategy

In the unfortunate occurrence of a complex event, you would have unnecessarily set yourself up to face really tough times if you don’t have a comprehensive backup strategy in place. Decisively so, you will not be amused—and this is what we are frantically trying to avoid for you.

Furthermore, for the excuse that the precluding barrier is cost, please see the bolded text above again. Storage usage mitigation is already factored into our implementation with our differential backup capabilities, but we are further alleviating this concern here à la 10GB for free FOR…EVER. And for those who care (actually everyone should care), this is backend-compressed storage, which further stipulates that you can back up much more data from the source to the vault: 20GB, … 50GB, …100GB? Yes, possibly. Talk to us about backend compression ratios and such, and we are more than happy to put your mind at ease.

Finally, from a road-mapping perspective, we will continue to provide more capabilities for you, because ours is a team that listens attentively, and then goes to implement quickly. We are truly user-centric in nature, as is evident in the following list of powerful capabilities that IBM Cloud Backup brings to you.

Let IBM Cloud Backup provide you a with a comprehensive strategy

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